Why don't we get a bonus for having a quitter or afk?

We still get punished for leaving even if someone else leaves afaik why not let everyone leave or why not give the people forced to stay a bonus for the incoming ■■■ whooping?

Actually it was supposed to be that you can leave without penalty when someone quits before you.
Kinda never worked though.

You also got a few extra points when someone quit during when ranks still existed.
You don’t get those anymore ?

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Tbh I didn’t check but I’d prefer being able to quit and look for a new match I might win rather than get whatever small bonus they give us. Not a good feeling getting bagged after losing a 4 v 5 when we were 2 up because someone quit.

I’ll double check next time because you know in the current state of gears ill find one.

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People would abuse it. TCs words.

lol but they could still let you leave without penalty tho. Apparently it doesnt work.