Why don't we bring back a classic horde game mode

Now I’m not trying to hate on the horde mode we have now, god no. Tho i do have a idea that some people may like and might have some people playing horde again. I sometimes find myself wanting something more simple, something raw. So when i get that feeling i turn to gears of war 2. As all veteran’s know the gears of war 2 horde mode is as raw as you can get. There’s no barriers,sentries,multipliers it’s just you a map full of guns a difficultly of your choosing and you’re on your way. I feel like they could take a spin on the classic horde mode idea as well. Like heavy weapon’s only or a boss frenzy. Some harder, some just for fun. I don’t know i just thought this could be a cool idea and it saves me the hassle of having to go to gears of war 2 to itch that specific scratch.


Some people do this in custom lobbies and honestly its not that bad


Wait really, i didn’t know that. When i get the chance I’m going to check them out. Tho i heard custom game’s don’t level you up so that itself kinda turns me away. I just wish TC made something like this but offical.

Custom Horde and escape matches level you up. Custom Versus and Map shared levels don’t at all.

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I would just say a simple thing to get a nice horde mode we need locust back in horde as I said once TC should mix up swarm and locust and even a separate mode with only locust! I want to experience both new and old stuff!
This would make a nice classic horde mode

I would love this.

Mixing the swarm with the locust in a classic horde mode would be a fever dream my guy, i would play that nonstop XD

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I would just love to see ALL GOW enemies in Horde. I’m talking blood mounts, baby corpsers, kantas (armored), lambent. I mean hell give me a full wave of juvies, wretches, and polyps!