Why don't more people create their own lobbies?

Why be frustrated with the constant host demands? I mean, trying to “tread lightly” is a VERY frustrating way to play the game, knowing you may do the slightest and get kicked.

What are some of you all reasoning behind this? A lot of complaining goes on in here around something you can easily solve yourselves.

-Is it your lack of patience, in waiting for a full lobby?
-Are you not confident enough that others will join?
-Are you to demanding of a player?
-Do you have a weak connection so you known others want join?
-Do you feel like your not good enough to host one?

When you are host you can play however you so chose. Either people gonna play with you or leave, nothing more, nothing less. Yeah, sometimes a team can get wiped, rather you’re a great player or not, and sometimes all those people (you waited so long for) will leave. That could make you feel discouraged.

My personal experience, as someone that host a lot, is…

-I have no issues getting people in my lobbies
-I have a great connection, so that aids people in wanting to join your particular lobby
-I’m a very good team player
-I’m not a strict host at all; my titles are simple and to the point.
-I don’t have player restrictions whatsoever, so no matter what map needs “required players” I don’t do that
-I’m very patient. I can sit and wait until a lobby fills up.
-last but not least, and the most important - I don’t care if you join or leave, I keep it going

The reason why I stated the above things is to simply try and give motivation to those that want to start creating a lobby, but are hesitant, for whatever reason. Those listed above are/could be the reason why I never have problems with people joining. Additionally, I almost never get “hate” messages. Probably sitting at < 1%, for as much as I host I’ll take it. I think it’s mainly due to being an open host.

A lot of “stress” can be solved by being in control.

Whats you all reason?

Sometimes it seems people won’t join lobbies even if they don’t impose many restrictions. Like, it really shouldn’t be difficult to find a lobby with no Marcus and/or JD. Yet it is whenever I try hosting one like that even though that’s usually all I ask for(even if I’m not a big fan of grandma Connor, Grace or the Halo characters particularly in Horde). Or maybe it’s because I don’t really want to play on the Gears 4 maps except sometimes Blood Drive and Checkout and so far don’t have a liking for the tile maps(Overload is kinda boring, and the one time I tried Rail Line it was a terrible experience and made me leave on wave 5 of a 50 wave Master lobby, not bothered with Abyss as yet).

Then there’s also the issue of friends complaining it is “difficult” to find matches with me because I hate the “meta”/grind setups where it is either Marcus or JD mopping up all the kills while the rest of the team just watches, unless the JD is incompetent and I have to stop everyone from failing hard as Lizzie or Kait. Don’t think there is such a thing as an incompetent Marcus with how little skill using his ult requires. Although people could probably manage that if they tried hard enough. I prefer if everyone contributes towards making the match succeed, more engaging of an experience that way. Also not fond of using barrier exploits of any kind. I think that if a player isn’t good enough to be attempting Master, they should be downgrading the difficulty. But maybe that isn’t a popular view considering how many awful players I’ve run into in Master Horde even in Op 4, which would also explain why there’s so many Marcus/JD requested lobbies.

Honest answer. I’m god awful at blocking entrances with the fab, and people tend to expect the host to do that. I’m a doofer I know. I’ll spend full minutes trying to do it. But I really am not kidding. At least if TC changes blocking doors with fab next op I won’t have that problem anymore I guess.

This is very annoying also. I wish more players build up to Master level, but since they know theirs a pretty good incentive at that level, they’ll always try an jump in. Some people don’t realize they need more training, so they’ll still jump in matches thinking their better than they really are.

That’s not really nothing to even worry about. If you like a challenge, put fabricator anywhere. Even when I host, or friends of mines, the guest(s) normally sit and wait until someone grabs it. I always laugh about it because people don’t want to mess up by “putting it in the right/only position”. Sometimes I don’t care because it’s a challenge, at times.

Because people don’t listen. Or more specifically they don’t read. I’m trying to host a master game in Escape and I get very low levels - level 10 characters who have re-upped once or twice. Or if I’m doing a score run and they grab the COG tags and it indicates they clearly don’t have score cards on. I just get tired of having to be the bad guy and restart the game snd kick them.

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I rarely have trouble with lobbies.

Once I start, the game usually fills quickly.

Biggest issue for me is that either someone I know or myself host to allow us to kick if someone trolls.

Other than that, game on.

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I try to set up a lobby or 2 every day and its very rare that people join so end up back on matchmaking. I guess most folk want to play the normal way :confused:

When I get those low level players, I normally check their re-up and if their high I’ll give them 5 secs to change to a higher character, but if their low, I’ll kick. A lot of players don’t read titles.

One thing about custom lobbies is that you really gotta have patience. If your connection is really good, you’ll get people in there. But even better is if you have a friend or two that can offset, that’s always a benefit.

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I know that the fab doesn’t have to go in a specific spot. But when I host, I tend to try to keep the people in my lobby happy, and that tends to involve putting the fab in a meta location. If everyone is happy with our starting situation, I feel like everyone will get along, and we’ll have a better chance of winning.

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My cousin who tends to play master only, comes back at work 23:00 (bst) finds it impossible to host a game because that time normally he sees three full page of horde on master difficulty. He told me once that he sat in lobby for 1 hour, yet no-one joined :sweat_smile:

People like him find it hard to host their own games. He has no choice but to join someone’s game

My connection is miniscule. That was the initial hesitancy. But then i noticed on the board the host still had a ping. I would think, if it was set up on his machine there would be little to no lag. So i tried it myself and the match ran - from my vantage point flawlessly.

So the question then came - are the other players connecting to you by way of your internet and machine, or are you simply setting up your shop on TC server?

I start solo, join me or don’t, never have rules, rules suck, I fail alot. But I’m smiling, I’m having fun and care not for progress in this games systems so no attachment in NEEDING to succeed.

I play maybe once a month if I get the itch

I think the idea of someone not hosting a game for a literal single reason laughable :rofl::rofl:

Played 1 game bout 7/8weeks ago, joined someone’s game on wave 34 I think it was, rules were deposit, no probs, didn’t even finish that wave or get a chance to deposit, jus got booted lol

Always host! If for nothing but to avoid an unexplainable boot

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It’s possible the host wanted to get a friend in, or someone got thrown out by the servers or left for one reason or another and wanted to rejoin. I’ve had such a case where in a Master 1-50 a friend accidentally threw out the only Dropshot I had on a locker(as Lizzie) due to a bug that occurs when upgrading it, and the Del was so dumb that he didn’t let me kill myself against the last alive enemy.

So I left and wanted to join back so I wasn’t totally useless but people kept coming in so my friend had to explain and the host(who we’d previously done a bunch of Master Escape runs with, the other day) kept kicking those who “replaced” me out so I could get back in(which took several attempts because at one point my game’s audio was just gone which required a restart to bring it back - my TV wasn’t muted and it wasn’t the settings either).

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I think it’s just the nature of modern day gears. The public matchmaking is supposed to be what players play. I was initially excited for the public custom games because that’s exactly how gears 1 was. You could play without weapon swaps, sure, but with weapon swaps imo was fun. More sniper play end other fun weapons. Team lancering wasn’t bad at all. I don’t think i have a good enough answer for you other than the quickmatch and ranked are what players will tend to play. Whatever is easiest and accessible.

I play on PC, and there’s this little caveat that when you use alt-tab to multitask for whatever reason it pauses the entire game if you’re the host. I prefer having the ability to multitask during calm moments and check my Discord or quickly look something up on Google so I don’t host, as my tendencies would be extremely annoying for other players had I been hosting.
Pausing on focus lost is an annoying feature and I wish TC gave me the option to make the game not do that. I’d totally make my own lobbies if I didn’t have this problem.


I think it would be interesting to know the population figures for high level and low level players on horde.

There’s probably a disparity between them.

Thus low level players will decide against creating their own lobbies.

Reminds of Destiny and the raids they have in them.

I wish it was so easy as make your lobby and wait. UK player, this game is dead here. Even in lockdown about the only lobbies you would see on master were speed runs during the day. My connection is fine but connection to America probably not so great, so I can wait a long long time to fill a lobby. So I usually ask an American friend to start a match and get one quickly.

Even on old gears games it was never that long into a gears games life when I was playing versus matches half filled with bots.


Worked a charm :slight_smile: Had a few good games today

Wow. Now that’s some bad luck, lol.

I’ve noticed that players in your match will tell you if their lagging out or not. Additionally, I’ve had players say they were lagging, but, realistically, they were just making excuses on why they kept on going down.

I don’t get this, why didn’t your friend just give you more power to buy the dropshot again? Me and my friends do that all the time. When I tac-com and see someone low on power, I just give them what they may need.

I can definitely see this as an annoying issue for UK players. Wondering if TC will ever fix this for y’all?

Sadly I cannot lately create my own lobbies,not because of getting people to join,I can only play short horde games due to a family member who I care for full time

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