Why don't I have any badges?

I had over 1000 posts on the old forums, but I don’t have any of the legacy badges. And I’m here now, but I haven’t got the badge for logging in before June 25th. I tried logging out and back in a few times, but it’s not working.

Edit: Well I guess asking about badges was the secret second requirement to earn the badges because they finally unlocked a few minutes after I made this post. This thread can be locked now I suppose.

Badges are rolled out automatically, you just needed to give them like 5-10 mins for them to be granted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’d been logged in almost a full day.

Did you try log out and log back in? Thats what I did and I got the badges.

You got three badges.
I could view it on your profile.

I show your badges. I would sign out and back in

I do see you badges on your profile.

Are you not seeing them on your profile?
Please, try to sign out completely,and sign back in…

I had to log into my account on a different computer before I got my badges

Mine came up automatically when I first logged in.

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How do you get Badges?? Lol new here

Click on your name -> you will be taken to your profile page > select badges from the list to see what badges you have.

Or if you just want a shortcut click here: http://forums.gearsofwar.com/u/l_Ar_Ci_l/badges

What I meant was what do you need to do to obtain them? Lol

Hello @l_Ar_Ci_l and welcome to the new Gears of War Forum.
There were some badges created at launch for people that were active on the old Forum, and who signed in on the new Forum before a certain date they would be able to earn.

TC did confirm more badges will be added at a later date to earn for being a community member on this forum.

Also here at the current available list of badges and description how to unlock them. http://forums.gearsofwar.com/badges

Cool thanks for the info :ok_hand:

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I just hope they bring more of them over, I like being able to show off what I’ve achieved in previous gears games.

Well, like I edited my OP, the badges showed up in my profile a few minutes after I posted the thread. I’d logged in on Tuesday to no badges. I tried logging out and back in a few times, nothing. When I still hadn’t gotten the badges today, I made the post. I assumed some mod saw my post and unstuck whatever was gumming up the works.

Great to hear… Sorry edited, I was confused by your post.

EVIl, he is saying that the issue is already solved.

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Badges, I don’t need no stinkin badges!!!

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I have no badges and I joined the Legacy forums around 2015, I’ve logged out and logged back in, Logged in on another device, still nothing.