Why don't characters react to seeing their squad-mates/family die in multiplayer?

Hearing JD scream “DAD! NO!” when Marcus gets his head blown off would be great! Clayton see’s Ben die “BEN! I"M GONNA KILL ALL YOU ******* GRUBS FOR THAT!” Why isn’t this a thing already?


I’m sure it would happen if characters reacting to teammates’ deaths was a thing.

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Carmines make Meta-references when they respawn. None of what happens in MP is canon. That’s why.

It would be pretty funny if Ben or Anthony were like, “Aw, thanks bro!” when Clayton swears to avenge their deaths.

They don’t anymore, since respawn dialogue is gone.

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Oh yeah, saw someone mentioning that a while ago. Never noticed it. Wonder if that’s another one of these “we don’t know what caused it and we won’t talk about it”-cases.

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With the quality of players in versus, my character would never stop screaming…

Jk, it’s not a bad idea, but tbh it really wouldn’t add much to the experience in my opinion

Mp is non canon,but in carmine’s case. 2 of clayton’s brothers died, so it’s a bit fitting.

All the characters do say things to each-other personal things i have noticed when being revived.

JD says “Thanks Dad”

Marcus comments on JD when he gets kills

The Carmines are all the same,

Lizzie says “Ive got you uncle clay” when reviving clayton

Just got to listen out and you will notice things.

Obviously on death i cannot be sure but the above i have noticed just during gameplay.