Why don’t they have BEAST MODE anymore?

Why don’t they have this mode anymore it was my favorite in gears of war 3 better then horde in my opinion


Refresh my memory please, is that the one where you could play as some of the bigger locusts against a squad of cogs? If so, yeah that was pretty fun. Loved hopping on there when tired of grinding normal versus modes. I doubt they’ll ever bring it back though.

Yes it was and right you could play as almost everything from the wretches to armored cantis to armored centipede. And what I don’t understand is all the dynamics for it are basically there already in gears 5 if you play as the jack bot you can take over most of the swarm and actually play as them so why can’t we get this back? I’d play this over any game mode they have now

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I can also see them implementing it on Escape, where players can take control of the various swarms/deebees and try to stop the hivebusters getting to the chopper. Would definitely give it a left4dead-ish vibe, which I would love.

But your idea sounds legit and wouldn’t mind hopping on from time to time if they do decide to bring it back.

Yeah, I have been begging for it to come back since they tried to replace it with Overrun in Judgment. 6 years now. TC are pretty damn incompetent for leaving this mode out. Escape mode sucks and I literally only play it because I have to to grind for stars.

Beast was dope, Overrun had some ideas. The RAAM segments in 3 OooOOoooOOOhhohohoh yeah

So far the best there is to do anything remotely similar is to pick Jack in Horde and hijack. Granted you can’t hijack everything, but have you ever controlled a pouncer? Ever controlled a pouncer that you specced to explode??

Yea BREAST MODE was great playing as select group of big powerful locust kicking the bunghole out of stranded and cog in 12 waves of butt kicking crazyness.yea we need a swarm mode to replace breast mode.

I am also a fan of that mode.

Maybe one of the big reveals over the coming months could be Beast 2.0. I wouldn’t be surprised.:+1:

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Beast mode was actually pretty good i feel like that could have been expanded on to be alot better also i do miss campaign arcade aswell me and my freinds spent alot of time on that having freindly competition to see who could get the best scores and it actually made the campaign worth going back to.

I wish Beast mode came back like how escape is. Make your own beast maps and all