Why doesnt the game have new bounties?

So gears 4 is like 1 year and 8 months years old, what im surprised about there isn’t any new bounties at all. with the new character packs dropping, you’d expect these would get some sort of bounty of their own or new general bounties

For example: Locust drone bounties, swarm bounties, power weapon bounties etc.

There’s only so much enjoyment you can get doing the current bounties, I would have hoped their be variety of bounties by now.

In my opinion the bounty system is very underappreciated. I am curious as to why TC did not add more bounties in game.


Guess they are busy with Gears 5.
Honestly, been wondering this myself. @TC_Octus @anon86589457

really hope we can get some answer on this. I’m surprised no one asked this earlier.

Pretty sure a few did on the old forums :smiley:

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Would love a 25 wave horde bounty for the 25 wave variant.


Good point. The bounty thing could have been a cool(er) feature but it feels like they just forgot about it. Wish they would have updated and developed it more.

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This has been asked on the weekly developers stream and I believe they said it was a lot more complicated than people realize. We can ask again during the next stream to confirm though.

If thats the case, then what is the point of having a bounty system in the first place? I’m assuming like maps they added too much of an ambitious feature.

One of the things people including myself have frequently asked for is bounties to go along with the 25 wave Horde variants and I know that they had looked into it. We will get a better explanation on stream Thursday/Friday .

They added inconceivable bounties, so it’s not impossible. Probably just the usual case of it doesn’t make them money so it isn’t a priority.

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Yeah, but it’s not. It’s literally the easiest programming one can do in modern script. I’m less than a programming novice, and I guarantee you that I could do it in a few minutes.

No, it’s probably the UI work that they don’t want to do. I imagine it has idiosyncrasies out the wazoo. There are still Hammerburst-related UI issues in the game due to the fact that it was a starting weapon and now it isn’t. Actually removing it from the starting roster was simple enough, but the UI, not so much.