Why doesn't TC Vectes have an @?

I mean I guess it’s not a big deal, but the more the merrier. TC Octus isn’t available 24/7 so having a second person to ask questions and communicate with through Twitter would be nice.

Perhaps he isn’t twitter savy? Who knows. Maybe he doesn’t want one

I believe it was said Dana and Octus are both on twitter and so no point in Vectes having his own. Instead he communicates via @CoalitionGears.

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Because twitter is da debil!


What mumma don’t know, don’t hurt her…

OT tho I guess he fronts the main TC Twitter account.

Can’t stand it personally, I oppose all social media.

I would suggest using the official handle https://twitter.com/coalitiongears


Vectes most of the time is on the Gears of war Twitter

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