Why doesn't my team ever go for the claw on mercy [Guardian Comp]

I mean, I have but not recently and I never heard any of that stuff. I wasn’t about to post how it made no sense to me though, because I don’t particularly care for PvP. Especially not the competitive kind.


Me neither and yet here I am playing it lmao

Edit: Also the second part was moreso directed at the other guy. You seemed to understand that.

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In TDM, the tower is the easiest place to camp and defend and so if you’re a play-to-win type, that’s where your team will go ideally.

I would say that generally speaking the same applies for guardian, but there are a ton of exceptions depending on the situation. Obviously leader needs to roll with the punches to stay alive and sometimes that tower won’t be safe.


rotations are key

I used to play CSGO Faceit all the time lol :]
I play alot of tarkov now and thats pure sweaty pvp, gears can get pretty hype in scrims as well but its much more fun to play than to watch.


Agreed. Even though siege is a much slower game I’d rather watch someone play siege than gears.

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IMO always go for the Claw. You get the Claw straight away and they ain’t getting the torque. Otherwise they’re getting it, but going straight down afterwards. Even if they do get torque when your team is up top with the Claw, he shouldn’t be able to shoot your leader unless your leader gets careless. You got cover up there. In a straight face off torque vs Claw, from that angle, Claw wins 100% of the time in my experience. He can’t charge and fire it faster than you can down him with an active clip. I suppose he could be tricky and charge it up from behind cover then pop shoot you when you’re distracted by someone else, but that seems extremely unlikely to happen if you are aware of him. More likely he will be distracted trying to aim at your leader or taking cover from lancers and then you down him from the side. It’s just too bad the ammo runs out so fast, but same goes for torque as well.

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Yes, if the tower gets overrun, I will retreat to one of the side cover areas. If they give chase, I can usually down them with the Claw from the cover as they tend to underestimate how fast it downs. Since they were expecting me to settle for a gnasher fight, they get caught unawares. I’ll typically get one or two with the Claw. If there’s one I can’t get, then someone from my team will be backing me up by then. Once the threat is gone, I’ll retake the tower and its back to step one.

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Advice from who? @UthyrTheImpure? that’ll be the day laugh out loud

Maybe not him specifically but if ur having trouble on the map……

I have trouble with the map because of the way it’s designed, not necessarily because of my skill level.

It’s a terrible map (specifically for ring based modes). The claw on the tower can allow a team to control the entire map. It’s just not enjoyable to play on


Keep telling yourself that.

Youre literally Canadian

it takes one person to keep a retro/claw down just lancer back while your team moves or smoke them. i played with yall you dont smoke enough, it should look like a middle age mans divorce papers just got filed on that map