Why doesn't my team ever go for the claw on mercy [Guardian Comp]

I’m newish to pvp so maybe I’m wrong here but I thought the claw area was the best position to defend since you get an overview of a large portion of the map and a good supression tool, the claw. That being said so many people just rush torque or church it’s insane. When the enemy team rushed claw 2 times and won the game both times I would have thought people would change their tactics and not just go for church fights or whatever.

Edit: To add to this is the church a bad place to be as leader? To me I see it as a fox hole where it’s very easy to get trapped inside from both ends forcing you to either win a lot of fights or risk getting insta shot out one of the doors. Whereas many leaders from both teams I often see rush the church instead of the claw area despite it seeming like a death trap.

Edit2: In some situations I’ve been given claw for free uncontested and it seems to win us the round since I can cover a large portion of the map with it’s intense stopping power and fire speed with active reload.

TL;DR is the claw area on guardian as good as I think it is or am I just a noob? Also the church is bad for leaders usually right?

Tbh any place is a bad place to be if your team or you cant defend yourself. I dont tend to stay in one place for too long. Especially in Mercy.

I’d try not to vote for Mercy though, that map is dog water.

The claw area is also great though. Downing people out in the open is always fun.

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I’m starting to think mercy is bad for solo queue because if you get a bad roll and end up with people who never contest claw then you might be in for a bad time. Least in my experience.

That map is terrible in general. Playing with friends makes it slightly bearable.

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Ah I see. Shame it’s voted for constantly then.

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Better question … Why doesn’t my team go for power weapons lol.


I have a sneaking suspition they want to just go for church fights rather than win the game lmao

Ah so that explains it.

In PvP, you instantly give up when playing on Mercy. It’s a garage map with garage players and garbage spawns and garbage hills and garbage vibes.

Doesn’t matter where you push, you’ll fail miserably and the enemy team will taunt you into oblivion.

Tbh Mercy can drink brake fluid


Claw 1
Church 1
Tbow 2

If they play heavy church
2 bow 2 claw

If they play heavy claw
3 bow 1 church

If they play heavy bow
1 shock to bow
1 flash to bow
1 cross from claw
1 church

Obviously those aren’t always solutions but for exe that’s usually how i play it. Just need to cross and rotate.

I always go for the Claw. Mercy is one of my best maps. I’ll go for the Claw even if no one else does. The enemy team often overlooks it as well. Consequently, I often get unimpeded access to it. When that happens then it pretty much guarantees my team the torque as well. I’m not very good at rushing the church however. I’ll just end up getting cut down over and over. I’m not that great defending in there either. Most of my success comes from the claw tower area, downing enemies with the Claw, lancer, or snub, gnashering anyone who tries to come up there. I like to hole up up there. #427 in Guardian right now, 1.87 k/d as leader, 25 MVPs. For the week my stats are pretty gnarly:
#287, 2.04 k/d, 3.67 w/l ratio. Probably won’t be making top 100 though. #100 right now has double my score.

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U can lock down the inside of the church now and since there’s no longer a mortar u can just wait for the team to come. Boring at but it works

I’ve loved this map ever since gears 3. Maybe take some of the advice u find in this thread. Think it might help u play better at it.

What the hell does any of this even mean

it means how many people go to each location

1 person goes to claw
1 to church
2 go to tbow.

its not rocket science.

considering how powerful tbow is on Mercy it makes sense for more people to push on torque whereas nades/incins are nice but you dont need many bodies pushing for a simple weapon.

he gives multiple examples but its how you divide up your team depending on how your enemy plays.


Right? I aint writing it out in Morse code my guy lmao


It’s how many teammates should be where they should be. depending on where the enemies go off first break

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Well excuse me. You must be able to see how that post could look like utter nonsense, no?

As a non-Versus player reading that post, until it was said how it’s about how many players are going where, it looked like a whole lot of nothing to me.

I feel like if you’ve done any sort of pvp or semi competitive game like csgo you’d recognise these as sort of area call outs. Then again, having pvp lingo in a pvp thread shouldn’t be surprising to anyone.


I did callouts like this in siege, mainly in attacking phase anyways.