Why doesn't Horde and campaign have same movement as core?

Just why??? They should be the same. At launch they were same but then core got updated and so should campaign and horde.


If you mean the 60 fps then it’s due to console limitations.

If you mean actual movement and tuning it’s because vs is PvP while horde & Campaign are PvE

Plus wall bouncing against bots is pretty much useless, except in rare circumstances with the scout.

What’s the difference? I play horde and social versus regularly and I don’t notice anything special.

When the stars align and I do find a TDM match I usually have a high ping so it’s hard to tell what is intended and what not.

I also noticed this when I was playing the campaign for the Raam challenge

It’s not that. Core had always been the ‘Universal’ for Campaign,Horde and Versus. It’s just a very small request to have the same movement mechanics across every mode in this game. Core and comp 2.8 (something like that)has same movement mechanics since about October 2018.

The reason I’m saying this is because it just felt weird moving around in horde after playing versus for quite a long time, it’s not a must but would be quite appreciated.

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So basically the old core movement has a lot of wall cancel delay and doesn’t allow you to move freely. I want them to keep the same movement across campaign,horde and versus.(like before)

Good to know, thanks for clarifying it.

Because TC decided it was a good idea to make several different tunings, in a movement based game. Clearly, it did nothing but annoy the fanbase.

To those who don’t get why it matters, many players don’t like the “off” feeling when playing other modes. Especially when there’s really no sense in it being different.


Connection/Luck based game*
your welcome

ITS JUST REALLY DUMB. Also very unnecessary. #incompetentdevs or #unawaredevs?



So here’s a question - do core and comp have the same movement now?

I tried a core private and a comp private, same map, same location, and I found that in comp I was able to move around much better with more consistentcy in slides/cancels/etc…

Is there really no difference (am I imagining the difference)?


from what I see they are the same. Core movement changed 2018 October or around that time. It would only make sense for that change to be the finalized 2.8 movement. For me they feel quite similar.

It was my understanding a while back that core took on the comp 2.8 movement along with comp power/secondary weapon tunings. So the only difference between core and comp is the gnasher, lancer, and snub. I’m pretty sure about the movement but not 100% on the weapons.

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It’s weird that they said nothing about the change and just implemented it, but I do like the change(comp-core same movement). I saw a few threads asking about it back then.

I have a feeling it was TC’s way of easing the player base into one weapon tuning for gears 5. We will see.

ohhh, I hope so… I don’t care which one, just ONE, please…