Why doesn't Gears have a theater mode like Halo?

Yeah if anyone knows what armor this guy is using let me know down below in the comments

I really feel like Gears could benefit from having an actual theater mode though. This topic has been touched on but people don’t really talk about it. I certainly hope this isn’t because people have lost interested in such a cool feature.

  • Content making friendly
  • Learning ability
  • Easier clips
  • Overall just a fun mechanic

Gears would greatly benefit from this and a Forge mode.


remember they scrapped gears version of forge due to lack of interest. I honestly find that hard to believe…even the devs could make their own “official” maps using forge mode.

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I agree with what Relaxing said and what you said. Gears would benefit from both of those things. And if they allow the same amount of creativity like halo. The fans could keep a gears game alive for years. Imagine we had access to all the assets and props from other gears games. We want a fan favourite map back in. We could just make it ourselves


Lets go step by step.

Let TC add a map creator and stuff.

Then we can think about a theater mode.

Could you imagine a Theater mode that allowed you to go into a free camera and you could turn on vision cones and damage cones (ie gib and damage area for the Gnasher if you were to fire at that moment).

You could then see how a team controls a map so well based on their vision cones so you can see what points are easily crossed by the positioning for future games.

You could also see verbatim that you indeed did “miss” your shot either outside of the damage cone or just outside of the range of the gib cone.

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What part of the armour are you asking for?
Helmet is Mark V (Halo CE) with the fire effect
I assume this is MCC so some of armour pieces look new to me from these angles

Honestly seeing as TC didn’t support custom hives enough or allowing basic things like exp gain, card gain etc that asking for a forge or theater mode is unlikely. I guess the response would be the cost outweighs the usage of a playback mode.

As a developer making games for a series that has struggled to keep an audience since its first installment, this quote above should be all that TC needs to understand about the benefit of a theater mode. We are living in the era of internet celebrities, where anyone can upload anything at any given moment and receive millions of views within an hour. Allowing content creators to have more tools to create better and more in-depth videos is like free PR for the series. While I don’t think its a must for Gears 6, I feel its a no-brainer that it should be included.

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Custom hives exist, so the fundamentals for custom versus maps are there, but a custom camera is faster to implement than a whole new map creator.

Was hoping epic would add something similar to Gears 3 since Gears 2 already had ghost cam.

Gears 6 definitely needs some type of theatre/rockstar editor. Would be fun to capture gibs in cinematic form.

Ah I was just making a joke because if you’ve played any halo pvp you’d know that what I did there was supposed to be a kill but either glitched out or that guy was hacking. So I was just asking what his armor is to make him survive a sticky nade to the helmet lol.

I have played a ton of Halo PvP in fact 3 is in my top played games of all time. It has just been a long day.

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Understood lol. Once you get a chance you have to watch that clip again and tell me that isn’t some sort of witchcraft. You could’ve fooled me to thinking I was playing Gears of War lol.

Could’ve fooled me into thinking lag shenanigans, considering the guy’s shields weren’t even down from that. But definitely something funky going on there since usually sticking anywhere on the body is an instant kill(I should know that well enough since I once caught someone in the foot with a plasma grenade for a kill mid jump), if it’s not lag related(sure doesn’t look like it).

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mmm maybe bcuz it would be a bit heavy, saving all the geo + the mechanics. Maybe next release with new optimizations is possible.

And for the forge mode it is a bit more complex, the cover system of gears would likely lead to a lot of bugs, it requires time.

The only way I think you could survive a stick is if it lands on the gun on their back. If you stuck the gun they were wielding they could switch or drop it.

They shouldn’t have survived as it looks like you stuck his helmet. I would say go free cam in theater mode to have a better look.

Instead of guilty spark you could be Jack haha

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Theatre mode would be fantastic, I’d love to play about with that and watch a previous match with some crazy action.

they’ve had ghost cam in the past so it’s pretty much there in a way.

They can’t even get the kill cam to tell the truth.