Why doesn't gears 5 encourage squad building?

WHy not have lobbies where you can chat and build squads? Or have a one click button that pairs teams when they have good matches. gears 5 should thrive to connect players with compatible styles


If you set up a custom match you can name it with details of what you want to see in a team.
You don’t need to start the game until you’re ready so people can communicate there.
In honesty it works so well that I don’t think anyone much uses match making anymore.
But it would be nice to facilitate this more.
After so many bad games with randoms I feel like squad building is indirectly encouraged since as we learn to find players we can thrive with then we build squads and subsequently win so with that squad building is encouraged it’s just not encouraged directly or explicitly.


I would also like to see some more features in matchmaking. In the meantime try the looking for the group option.

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The problem with that is most players online don’t go through those. I’ve had the game since launch I don’t even know about that.

but see I don’t think it has to be this complex like setting up a preference. At the end of every match, if you like the squad of randoms you were matched with, you should be asked if you would like to stay or leave the squad. Kind of like in ffa, the matches continue and you get transferred to a new opponent with the same squad. An automated feature that requires 0-1 action is the way.

That does happen in a custom match.
It’s interesting that you think most people don’t use custom matches and I think most people don’t use the random match making anymore because custom matches are so much better as they provide almost all of the things you’d like to have and all of the things that’d I’m not going to go without anymore (stuck with matchmaking in Frenzy for now but that should eventually get better).

when you say custom matches do you mean local quick matches where you host a game? I want to earn objectives and finish my tour of duty in versus. also some people are not down to play rank. and do custom matches filter out rank level?

Bah, sorry - custom matches are PVE. I don’t play versus. When I feel the need to in order to complete an objective I go to the versus AI one and just hastily knock it out.
Sorry - I misunderstood.
But… versus is currently 1/4 of the objectives to complete tour of duty. I completed my tour of duty in 2 weeks just barely caring about versus at all. Towards the end I completely ignored it.