Why does the TRADE WINDOW screw me?

It’s so common for me that I forget about it until I watch other people’s vids. If I fire right before my opponent, it usually doesn’t count. For instance, they go to push so I land first shot, back up, and land a 2nd one while they heads-down me. I can see/hear my shot go off first but I get bodied anyway and it says I did something like 24% in one hit (meaning it only counted the first one).

However, I commonly get trades where I shoot them, run a few steps, and then die.
The trade window seems to be a very one-sided thing where if it happens on the screen of the higher ping person it counts but the game cuts me off after it registered on their screen. I must not be getting the same courtesy.

Would appreciate it if they could tune this again as I know they found a flaw in it before (they admitted it) and it’s something they were adjusting for a while.

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You on about Comp window?

I think he is on about core, I seem to always (well most of the time) get traded.

Know they talked about the trade window in Core being lowered, (Comp window is good now)
but so far nothing.

I’ve been getting kill trades with the enforcer which is really frustrating because i’ll do %100 and down them then their shotgun magically goes off and kills me then they can just get up after

Not really magic :smiley: But the trade window being to big. Again, would be nice to see it lowered to what Comp has now.

Doesnt seem like its been reduced imo.


Core, it seems the same.

Well yeah, that’s what I said;

Ahh so you did, 1am here so im excused.

I feel the high ping is a factor in trade. Because like OP when i shoot at them directly, somehow it ends as a trade.

I know what time it is. 2 am here :smiley: Work in 3 hours :smile:

If they lowered it in core, then that’s the problem. I don’t get in enough comp matches to have noticed. In core, the last shot before I die never counts unless, like I said, I see them die and I start moving on, then I might explode and it says I traded. It’s like the trade only works on one direction. My ping is usually the lowest in the lobby so it’s odd I wouldn’t get mine counted.

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They haven’t lowered anything in Core. (Which allows for a bigger trade window vs Comp settings)

So many times, mostly in Core, I fire first, but their second shot registers before my second shot for some reason, so I get put down and they are still standing. Doesn’t quite seem fair heh…>!


Yeah ive playing a lot of the 4x koth lately and the amount of trades ive been getting is ridiculous, it’s worst than ever. I know what you mean about the trade window too. I killed someone the over day and my character (Queen Myrrah) said “pitiful creature” and then suddenly I died by the guy I killed 2 seconds ago.

Yeah so messed up lately that I can’t tell are animations delayed that much or it’s a trade window off… Or something else.

Last night I had experiment with sponge on heavy weapons, running away from tri-gun at Mercy. Each time, 4-5 times tho!! I was dead even before stepping out of cover, before even start running… Felt like losing frames seriously! Flame grenades are almost useless, so slow to throw, I mean, dozens of examples now multiplied with each update.

It’s really hard to think that devs are not aware, 90% posts are multiplayer issues that never gets fixed. So, for some reasons is left broken or tuned for high latencies and semi-playable conditions like poor wifi or Mexico DSL… Just like 250ms latency window is left there intentionally that massive Mexican playing population could spread all over the Gears data centers evenly, just anywhere from US to Asia, Europe, probably Australia…
Yeah speculation only but things here are for way too long without any common sense and some others are perfectly making sense even as a pure guess…

Why the trade windows differ so drastically in Core vs Comp is baffling…almost as baffling as the 2 different weapon settings, and two different movement settings. (Not counting Horde)

Core trade window should be the same as Comp trade window. Why create even further separation of the shrinking player base?

It’s almost 2 completely different games due to the tunings and trade window difference

Lowering the core window was “being discussed” for a long time. Noted weekly in the “What’s Up” for so long without any further action or open discussion that I asked for it to be removed from there as it was disheartening to see it and knowing it was never going to be implemented.

Within a week, that item was removed…

I guess the only way to get an answerler about that is to ask during tomorrows livestream. It seems asking live is the only way to get an answer.