Why does the new Glory esport set cost real life money instead of Iron?

I have over 12000 Iron saved for good stuff but now my money is waste and I’d have to spend real money again to buy stuff because my Iron is useless?

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Guessing you don’t watch the streams which is forgivable.

But they discussed before Op 4 even launched they was changing things up and the deal they have was changing esports to just money to make things easier to work with them on their end… that includes future chrome steel


I think Esport is a charity for professional players. You buy stuff for real money and some of it, if not all of it goes to the Professionals. Hence the name.

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Yeah, Dana described it purely as an accounting thing so they can divvy up the money to the teams etc more easily.

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I read a couple of days ago before Op4 was out that esports stuff will still cost Iron and you won’t be able to buy it with Gears Points. Now my Iron is worthless since I can just play the game normally and have enough GP to buy any new skin in the store? So what’s the point of Iron in the first place? Also , why are previous Operation skins purchasable in the store? No other game does this. You can’t buy previous Battle Pass skins in the Fortnite store or CoD store or whatever game you’re playing. If you missed out because you didn’t like the game than tough luck, it’s a big middle finger to those who played the game and put in time to earn things only available in that season.

To get stuff instantly in the new section, as that is only way you can get new stuff before it gets moved to the Operation section (which I didn’t see, but I guess will be coming when they have stuff to move there). Me personally I won’t care to just wait til it’s in Operation and just get it with Gears Coins… so only actual purpose I see for Iron now is really just tour rerolls.

Also, as someone who hit General all 3 times… thus have all that stuff… I’m not bothered by that choice… I get it, sorta, to an extent… but still think it’s silly to complain about… the higher up rewards will never be there, as they done said… ala Blood Red Speaker and Armored Ronnin Kantus… not just them, but using last 2 Generals as example they have a cut off point for tour rank on what will and won’t be added.

So what you’re saying is is that I bought all those irons for nothing and the system was different back then and they didn’t tell us in a small print that ohh btw we will completely change the store and the iron you purchased will be useless because we want you to pay with real money to buy stuff and not our in game currency.

They actually did on both the dev streams and the site blogs leading up to op 4

And the only things you pay real money for is Esports… bundles too I guess, but kinda dumb to complain about that since you can easily earn the contents… so it’s still earn or pay on those

PS I meant earn contents of Op bundles… not the promorional bundles, which were never Iron anyway.

I bought the biggest Iron bundle when the game came out.

That was your call and how the game was set up… you haven’t spent it all in 10 months, clearly there wasn’t a lot of stuff you wanted from it anyways lol.

I get where you’re coming from though, but just saying don’t say they just did it without saying anything, because they did tell us before they did it. Regardless just use it to reroll as much as you want, get general and legends in record time, in turn giving you a crap ton of gears coins. Or just keep spending iron on the stuff to spend it all while saving up your gears coins, so when you do run out of iron… you oughtta have a nice collection of coins built up

Oh ya and boost is also still Iron only. Not a great thing, though can also help with my 1st suggetion above.

But just said it cause it was another thing I thought of that’s still only Iron

Telling us something before a new operation comes out doesn’t help when you already purchased a product and everything was different.

I get ya… but I have given you 2 suggestions that will solve your problem. It is what it is I guess.

It’s pretty unethical to restrict what can be bought with iron after people have already purchased their iron. TC should have at least given forewarning and made a few more Esports sets purchaseable with iron before the cutoff to allow people to get some of their money’s worth. They made the “premium” currency next to worthless overnight.

I’m only sitting at 2k, but I’d be steamed if I had just picked up the $99.99 stack or whatever.


Before they didn’t care about the people who wouldn’t spend money on the game now they’re abandoning those who did lol. They literally don’t care and ara horrible problem solvers. It’s ok I don’t play much of this lancerfest anyway.


No, 6 measly days from OP 4 dropping is a horrible time window for them to announce that we can’t buy CS or Esports content with iron anymore. to say. “at least they told us before they did it” is a terrible excuse, they could and should have told us as soon as they made the decision internally.

TC knew they were going to lose money on iron sales if they announced it sooner than they did.

Slimy actions from TC that’s just seemingly swept under the rug by everyone because they actually did the store right.

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I think the store was changed to appeal to those who weren’t spending money on it before, and I mean people who buy lots of skins on impulse. They weren’t getting many opportunities to make those impulse buys in the past. Apparently, it’s a huge crowd to tap into. And like you said, they don’t really want our money anymore, the hardcore fans who’ve been grinding it out. We only make up a small portion of the potential income they could be getting.

I never said it was a good time frame… only corrected him saying they never said anything. I do agree they should have given more time than that, should have been at least a month, no debate. Just because I correct a false statement doesn’t mean nothing.

Appeals to me and I did dumbly spend money and iron all the time. So not entirely true assessment :P.

I mean I still bought the Op 4 Bundle, even though I could have gotten Dom and Karn (only 2 new ones I will ever use) way cheaper by themselves with coins or Iron… but did it anyways for the weapons and boost… so it’s a decent assumption, but just proved the theory isn’t 100% true.

It’s not a middle finger to me, and I took the time to unlock Desert Armor JD. Locking skins, especially campaign skins, behind a time gate is stupid.