Why does the mouse not have any interpolation? (Max rotation speed)

So I actually like to play on PC with a controller so this is obviously why I see this often. This is also an issue in Gears 4 that I almost assumed before it’s release would be included to make the game fair across all platforms but it isn’t.

If you watch a PC player aim with their mouse you’ll notice not only is it more responsive simply due to the nature of having a mouse it has no maximum turning speed or buffer of time for anything to happen. This breaks the fundamentals of Gears of War it is designed to be played with a controller and the vast majority of players play with a controller. This wouldn’t be an issue if the PC players using a mouse were still mathematically limited to a maximum speed that should correlate to the maximum turning speed of a regular player.

So why is it currently justifiable that that PC Mouse players have unlimited turning speed in a game designed around heavy and slow characters? This allows impossible maneuvers that are not possible on a controller making crossplay inherently unfair.

Interpolation of values is something a first year computer science student should learn so why is Microsoft having trouble?

It would be great if there was a technical limitation answer that was provable because it would seem to excuse Microsoft for this very obvious design flaw that seems easily fixable.

I don’t ever expect the different controller types to be ACTUALLY 100% “fair” but I didn’t expect that the unfair part would be designed directly into the game.

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The crazy aim assist on controllers more than balances it out. Along with the huge moment advantage with a controller. You can’t move as well with 4 keys on a keyboard as you can with an analogue stick.

The exception being the longshot.

This comment is aimed squarely at gears 5. Before someone takes it out of context and brings other games into the mix

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You mean the aim desist? It constantly messes my aim up and doesn’t help in anyway.

I actually want a way to turn it off.

I would prefer to aim completely myself.

I was a Diamond 5 rank player in Gears 4 in every mode and I played controller on PC. This has nothing to do with whining about a controller type I don’t mind playing against mouse players I just think that their character should have the same limitations as my character.

No, you SHOULDN’T turn faster because you use a controller type. That makes no in-game sense.

I edited my comment to add more info whilst you were replying.

Whilst I disagree with your aim assist comment, as it actually moves up to people’s heads with the Boltok and corrects misses and such (I’ve tried the controller, so I’m not just spouting nonsense).

I would prefer no aim assist in ranked modes too. But TC seem to be adamant and won’t change it

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I think that any interruption of my intended action is a detriment to my intentions.

Aim Assist is a detriment and hurts me imho.

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It panders to the noobs, unfortunately.

It’s part of the reason why the lancer is so strong, because people are hitting way more shots than they would be without the aim assist.

Of course good players can hit shots regardless, but noobs are more accurate in this game due to the aim assist being so strong.

It has all been done to reduce the skill gap.
To avoid the coming comments that I must be “bad” to have these opinions, I’m Onyx 2 currently, Almost at onyx 3.

Also, if you can, check out the great video by Z i i, on the topic of “gears 5 has reduced the skill gap”.

It covers your topic also. He posted it on the forums

I’m picking up on the sense that you haven’t played many games on PC before. No game does this, and it’d feel weird as hell if my movements on my mouse-pad weren’t being accurately represented on screen. I’d argue it’d straight break the game for PC players. You shouldn’t give someone the option to use a mouse but not fully support the peripheral.

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You make sense that is the intended purpose of the assist.

Ironically it feels to me like it brings me down because I’m expecting to aim at a particular spot and it will “adjust” it and often be worse off. I don’t have the experience where it actually aims at the head for me it just feels like it pulls me and then I’m thrown off on my expected end result. shrug

I’d also encourage anyone who has feelings on this topic to play gears 5 with the mouse/keyboard for a few hours and they’ll see that there are advantages and disadvantages to both input methods (controller Vs mouse/keyboard)

I’m not calling anyone out, but some people (not you op) believe that using a mouse and keyboard instantly turns you into a gears god.

It takes time to get good at gears using the mouse and keyboard, a lot of time. It’s not like playing an FPS.

This has been a much better thread though OP. Most of these threads devolve into what I just said.


There’s no way, my man. The easiest way to tell this? Go play a custom Execution. 1v1 with someone on the enemy team. Now 1v1 them again, but this time, have them on your team, but with friendly fire turned on… it will be infinitely harder for you to get kills, I’d bet money on it. It’s like trying to kill your teammates back in the Halo 2 / 3 days. it’s next to impossible.

Edit: Execution does have SOME aim assist on console, right?.. I’ve heard it’s not as strong as TDM, but it’s not straight 0, right?..

Correct. IIRC, it’s at the level of the gears 4 aim assist. i.e. the sane level

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Having your character rotate as fast as regular players can doesn’t result in a misrepresentation only if you expect your character to always be perfectly centered which isn’t true as it is. Technically the characters still take a short amount of time to rotate around but it’s virtually as close to nothing as they could get it.

There’s no indicator on controller, no way to move faster than you should normally rotate, so why do you expect it on PC? Just because you’re entitled to it?

If you turn faster than is humanly possible by the character that’s your problem. OR they could increase the max turn speed on controller because max settings is slow.

I expect it because that’s how shooters work on PC… I know how much I have to move my mouse on my mouse-pad in order to get a 180 / 360. If you implemented a turn limit, my actions would no longer translate perfectly in game, thus, it’d break the game for PC users.

Interestingly, there is a flip side to this.

If you can spin around really fast, that also means you have to possess a fine level of granular control, to be able to do a 180° turn and then micro adjust your aim to hit the target before they kill you.

Which again, takes skill.

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I completely agree that even with a dumb amount of bullet magnitism, mouse players have a huge advantage. I very much disagree with your solution though… The solution is to allow keyboard and mouse to be used on the Xbox. The skill cieling is much higher using k&m because, just as you said, its possible to perform moves that you can’t do with a controller. This is a competitive shooter, no shooter is designed to be played with a controller. I can say one thing for sure, if TC did ever implement your solution, it would be the last time I touch the game.

Taking skill doesn’t make the controller types fair.

If you just want to go ahead and say PC/Mouse should turn infinite speed and that’s how you want it just say so but that doesn’t make any in-game sense in anyway.

Xbox players can already use a mouse and keyboard in gears 5

Just having access to something doesn’t solve the problem.

Exactly this… Keyboard and mouse has a much higher skill cieling :slight_smile: