Why does the mantle kick counter NOT work?

I have mashed “B” repeatedly and, I’m dead. Has this been broken for a while and I’m just now noticing it?


I think its lag. It happens to me when i face laggy ppl. I press b 3 or 4 times and i still get kicked

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It’s a real issue for me and I wish they would just remove the kick if they can’t fix the lag. I wait for the kick and have the counter ready, it often works, but too many times just ignores my command. This doesn’t happen in LAN against bots so I know it’s not the game itself, it’s the way it’s handling connections and input.

I haven’t noticed it not working. can’t say for certain though as i rarely find myself in that position

I press it immediately after jump but 9/10 always doesn’t do anything.

Like a split second after they jump and kick too …

I think the window of time you have to hit the button is far too small. But the counter has a bigger issue than that for me.
When you do counter your character takes wayyyy to long to regain their footing. You barely have anymore time than the person who kicked or pulled you. If they are gonna keep that counter window small they should reward you with more time to kill the enemy.


That window is ridiculously small …

So much so that I press B automatically and immediately and most of the time, whether it’s lag or whatever, won’t let me counter.

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It works, the window is simply small.
I never saw a yank counter until last KOTH session.

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My bigger issue is that after countering, you don’t get to knife them. You can only knife execute if you are the one who initiated the yank or mantle. That means if you get kicked while you have a pistol out and then block it, you’re still screwed because you don’t have your shotgun out to body them and you don’t have enough time to switch.

I never noticed this. I just get stabbed. :confused:

I think it has to be pressed at a certain moment. I’ve encountered this issue too, but I think it’s actually about timing

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What I have noticed most silly about the kicker counter is that it does not show up if one is aiming down sights. Should be available when ADS, no? 90% of the situations I’m in when I get mantle kicked is pre-aiming someone about to bounce to my cover but they kick instead giving them a free kick because no counter is available.

It’s like everyone says, the window is just so small you really have to pay attention.

I’ll just stop taking cover on short walls.

I always hard aim 99% of the time… now I know why I never get a kick counter when I’m prepping to shoot them when they do the vault.