Why does the delicious, ashfall, and psychedelic skin series all not have an enforcer or overkill skin also the delicious never had the scorcher skin

i am sorry if this has been brought up before but i just need a simple answer. i noticed the delicious skins never had the scorcher offered but what i also noticed is that series, the ashfall series, and the psychedelic series all didn’t have enforcer or overkill skins.

do they do this for a reason? is the enforcer and overkill not in esports or something. i am just curious why these skins were never offered. especially why each series it is the enforcer and overkill

again sorry if someone has already brought this up or answered this before i just was curious.

Eh… they do though. I’ve got the complete sets for both.

The pattern for the previous series of skins is that the Enforcer and Overkill would typically be given out at one of the weekend mid-season tournements, which you probably missed. During each split (or whatever they call them) there tends to be some sort of mid-season playoff or one-off tournements like the recent 1vs1; or the Women’s tournement which were on the weekend.

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oh i didn’t know that . As i thought it was only tuesday and wenesdays and then the major. Ok so i missed those skins at least that explains it. but one thing did they offer points for watching those weekend streams as that might be why i am missing 200 points at the end of the ashfall and psychdelic series and i didn’t get the maces. if they didn’t offer points then i wonder how i came up 200 points short. i thank you for your answer.

The weekend tournements don’t feature points. They use the old click-n-claim system. It’s only the midweek streams that use the points system.

I say keep an eye on the Gears eSports Twitter. They’re usually a bit last minute when announcing stuff, but it’s basically the only way they promote the eSports scene.

Also, the Delicious Enforcer and Overkill haven’t been given out yet - they’re probably going to be at a future weekend tournement.