Why does TC hate solo competitive players with a burning passion?

Why do solos have to deal with getting paired against stacks? Why is it that when you’re getting brutally massacred you can’t vote to surrender? At the very least there should be some sort of mercy for a team getting dominated. Why is it that when someone leaves my team I still have to continue playing while we get steamrolled even harder than we were before? Why does the opposite team gets wall-bouncing insta blindshotting adderal fueled esports squad while I get chainsaw walker from 10 meters away guy who gets insta gibbed?

inb4 “jus get a squad lmaooooo” I can’t always commit to a session and solo players should at least get more than a measley 1kish score boost for playing solo. Do solo players get a bonus for playing against stacks? Because I feel like they should. At the very least give us the option to opt into matching with people who aren’t in squads or at least balance it out (2 stack on either team etc).

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this isn’t fair at all

individual skill matters more than a stack

stacks may be random players searching together from Group Looking Posts and they’re not always partied

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Yes but I highly doubt TC has the capacity to tell 4 randoms stack vs 4 skilled stack. It can’t make much of a difference if randoms go solo since it’d be the same amount of people searching.

it’s the same concept as why crossplay is forced on; there’s not enough of a player base to separate stacks vs stacks & solos against solos

then it would be a problem with a 3-man vs a full stack, it’ll never end

Only solution is to get a team together


3 man stack VS 4 man stack is gonna be more balanced on average. Overwatch did it well. I know the playerbase is smaller but with the sheer amount of solo vs stacks matches I go against you’d they’d just be able to pair those stacks against eachother you know?


Aint solo bonus 1k? Like even against stacks n ■■■■.
Edit: Also im trying to do my TOD wym lad I did FFA first ■■■■ was cash.

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Is gp score?

Think gp is gone, don’t know the bonus for the new system. What I’m saying is: How can TC hate solo players, when they’ve been given bonuses, and FFA exists?

FFA is good when im not doing my TOD and the solo bonus is 15% when winning is 5k. I just wish this game wasn’t so dead so they could actually afford to balance the stacks out more so it can feel more tense. I do agree that some 4 stacks are just randoms and that’s fine but its the ones who are really good and probably communicating that really get me. I’m just hoping that after enough matches they’’’ tank my MMR away from these guys lol.

Edit: Just played with 4 solos against 4 solos. We had one guy fight for mid and go afk for half the match and then we had another guy decide to go afk half way through match for the rest of it. Neither got kicked and neither recieved any punishment. Good game.

What’s the point in playing comp, if you just want easy wins?

this is a hard thing to prove without TC explicitly showing the userbase search conditions that they employ. only TC knows if the matchmaking algorithm is set up to match stacks VS stacks in perfect conditions.

@TC_Shauny could shed some insight I bet

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How many times do I have to repeat T O D. I also don’t consider getting steamrolled to be fun. If moving away from steamrolls = “just wanting easy wins” then I guess? yeah?
Edit: Just played a close match by like 10 points and won. It was fun but the Kait on our team never stood ground and just used her shotgun as a sniper rifle. Either way It was better than a complete roll.

@SnubbbS is a programmer and he already explained in full detail how the matchmaker works.

seems to be working as intended for @ELECTRONIC_W0LF


Honestly I haven’t played much quickplay VS but I think with this pop it’s basically quickplay on steroids lol. God forbid I do really well one match all of a sudden they gotta knock me down a peg or two.

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SBMM aside TC can probably stipulate how the matchmaker is getting players together.

they most likely have the option to enable stacks vs stacks in ideal conditions. taking Snubbbs word for it isn’t going to prove anything.

MM in gears is beyond broken for people in low population areas, just be happy u can find matches.

How would u feel spending X money on a game then find out the devs changed mm so u cant find matches with a low ping??

Edit: Or being able to actually find matches?

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I pretty much only try finding comp matches in the evening/night because the Americans will be up and ready to play lol

some of us have been saying this for a while. at this point TC isn’t gonna do anything about it, they’re fine with the horrid matchmaking in this game and probably see nothing wrong with it. I’ve just heavily decreased the amount of time I spend playing this game and I suggest you do the same.