Why does TC hate JD? Please fix the Demolition class

It started as JD having a GL Lancer. Then that was taken away and he was given a Boomshot as default weapon. The Boomshot gives potentially more explosiveness and he is Demolition class, so fine. And he had a card that when maxed would give him 8 shells.
Then we get an update for level 6 cards. So then we had to obtain 20 cards by a lot of play time or a lot of coins, and in doing so he now has a max of 6 shells instead of 8. Yeah that made sense.
What also makes so much sense is that he has a card that drops ammo boxes (when maxed) but he couldn’t refill his own default weapon with the ammo he dropped. He also has a perk for Replenishing Ammo, but does it replenish his default weapon? Of course not.
Now we get this class structure and all that time and/or coins were just a waste because they took that card away and gave him Grenades.What?? And of course there are none to start with, you have to buy them.There are other classes that utilize grenades already. He(they) are Demolition class, give us the “Heavy Weapons Ammunition” card back. Make all that time and coins we spent somewhat acknowledged.
And/or, at least give him a perk to increase capacity. Other classes are able to get more explosive ammo capacity than Demolition. Demolition really doesn’t need critical hit damage perk since attempts at direct hits usually go through the target, save that for Marksmen.


Hey there,

Feel free to go check my Guide overview out. Demolitions is still really good. The personal perks need some work but otherwise its really strong.


For me, with just 1 more locker he’s still very good.

I agree,

I just think people are unwilling to notice that using the GL with Demo is not the most effective way to use him anymore.

This is why I put up the guide overview today, to help people see just how good the Demo actually is.


Had two demolitions class in my game with 5 lockers between them. 2 lockers filled with gls and 3 filled up with boomshots :joy::joy::joy::joy:.


I guess people are just not willing to play with the class as it is now. It will be awhile before the grenade planting maniacs are everywhere haha.

I was hoping they would give the planting card to Sarah’s class but unsurprisingly, they didn’t.

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It’s not that demo isn’t good. It is. But they make it worse/less fun to play every chance they get. I mean even a Gunner gets a card for more heavy ammo. Gunners use GUNS, Demo uses EXPLOSIVES. Get a clue. Tacticians that are SUPPORT even get a perk that doubles Heavy ammo.


I tried playing Horde for the first time in the new system but I can’t figure out why the Demolitions class doesn’t spawn in with the GL Lancer? Anyone else had that problem? As a matter of fact none of the other classes have the GL Lancer in load out. I’m missing something?

The Demolitions class (or JD in previous operations) hasnt had the GL in load out since the beginning of Operation 3 (end of March). No one spawns with the GL at this point in time.

It depends on who you ask as to whether you view it as an issue. For me I’m not too bothered because I prefer using the Boomshot, but I can see other people’s POV on this subject.


Yeah I agree with this rework I see no reason to not spawn in with GL now and the boomshot.

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Is no one here aware that Spotter-support exists and is now actually useful without the help of other players?

Yeah it just takes too long to mark them. Sometimes I’m clicking over and over to get one to spot. The most I seem to get done is 3.


Keegans Interrogation is also a thing. If Spotter support works reliable now (unlike Op4) you can cheese a lot of hives with a single meatshield.

And from my experience the crosshair needs to be exactly on an enemy so that the HP-bar shows up for the mark to work.

Yeah it works reliably, if you can get the marks on it’s devastating. I beg people over and over especially in frenzy boss waves to keep the marks up, but they are not interested. You can finish a round in seconds.

With 3-5 targets maybe. In Hives like the Surge Keegan can light up the entire Hive with around 40-50 marks at once and at least in OP4 that broke the Ult. You either nuked the hive, killed maybe 3-4 or enemies or didn’t get any Ult at all.

True. Also, you have to be very careful when to make the right move when going for a meatshield, otherwise it could be costly.

Had Keegan in my team who had interrogation card, he didn’t even bother using flash nade, in fact, never used one throughout 1-50 waves. When out of comfort zone, kept going down :joy:.

Well you need some form of coordination in the team anyways so might as well bring Clay with team-resist.

Never can happen with randoms bro.

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Exactly, so don’t play with Randoms unless you have an infinite supply of antidepressants and alcohol.

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