Why does Skorge repeatedly say Jesus? (Actually saying Success)

If I’m correct, it’s either Skorge or Kantus that repeatedly says Jesus over and over during versus gameplay. It is so annoying to constantly here over and over.

If the Coalotion or anyone else would be so kind to answer this question, I would greatly appreciate it.

Why do Skorge possibly Kantus say the name Jesus repeatedly during versus gameplay?

I ay Jesus a lot but in an annoyed or angry tone.


I say it differently…

I use his name in vain though but then again, I don’t believe so

I shall pray for you Tony :joy:


You all can say whatever you feel, but their still remain the fact that it’s disrespectful to those who do believe.
There is still a huge amount of people who play yhis game, and some like myself happens to believe in Jesus.

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“Hello Mr Hoffman would you like to talk about our Lord Jesus?”

“Great! Come in! What’s he up to nowadays?”

So why mention things you d.c. don’t believe in?

Also I’m pretty sure Skorge isn’t saying Jesus… I haven’t got a clue what he’s actually saying though.


How would you like it if someone used your name the same?

He’s not. Rod Ferguson was on an episode of podcast unlocked (ign), and said that they let the voice actors riff, but as a reminder they are unable to use references from Earth religions (amongst other things), because those don’t exist on Sera.


He is.

Calm down bro. I am a Christian as well. Tony means no harm.


Finally someone with a but of gratitude.
Thanks for your reply.

Do you know where I can find that interview, like what episode of podcast with Rod Fergurson?

Like yell my name in frustration? Wouldn’t bother me one bit. perhaps it’ll be a new trend then.


I’m not upset at as ll, just asking a question.

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Top should be audio; bottom video.

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Thanks for your reply, but for some they wouldn’t like being called for no reason.

-bangs elbow off of table corner- TONY HAYABUSA!

Yes, I can see it catching on…


Really I thankyou so much for this man, thankyou!
But is it only for GV? I ask because they’ve made a lot of changes in V, like no cigars, because they don’t want to glorify smoking.