Why does Ranked get confused?

(i created this post separately from the removal of TDM, as it’s not limited to that, and has cropped up in other posts)

To me, ranking is a system to try and match players with a similar skill set against one another, inorder for a fun/fair match

it aims to prevent un-even teams/matches, For example, 1 Diamond with 4 bronzes vs 5 Diamonds, That will only make people not want to play anymore and they leave.

its not about TDM vs KOTH vs Gardian vs 2v2 etc, ALL game modes should have it,

There seem to be people who want to justify why KOTH is more skilled than TDM (or the other way round), and that’s why one should not be ranked … this does not help, as it does not solve the problem mentioned above, Note a game mode was not even mentioned in the example (it just applies).

I guess the word Ranked scares some people, Other games do not say ranked anymore and just do it in the background. or just find a different term which makes people feel a bit more at ease.

I assume causal still helps for people who want to drop in and out of a game (is this just custom games?),

Poor guy. Keeps linking his OP and no one reads it…

ah, thanks?? i think…

i got board seeing this topic crop up several times, however it would be: this mode vs that mode, or why one is more skill… completely missing the point of ranking

now i just link ppl to this (so i do not have to repeat myself)…

maybe one of these days someone will read it and go… aarrrhhh

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