Why Does no one Talk about this?

The Lancer needs to be taken out of the game. I hate queuing and being subjected to shot at by the Lancer, The game is designed to play a lone wolf style of gameplay with a shotgun. Put your lancer away. I also hate smokes and hammerburst. I dont wana play ranked against a team of 5 lancers at Mercy. I go about 4 and 11 every game and I consider this better than most of you because I play gnasher only everytime 100% of the time

No, Lancer and Gnasher has always been the core foundation of Gears, the weapon is not the problem but rather the weapon balance. stacked teams abuse the lancer simply because core tuning is overpowered.


LOL you trippin’ lad? :joy:


Not sure if this is a troll thread because the gist I’m getting is:

“I only play a specific playstyle 100% of the time and any other playstyle played by anyone else should be removed from the game because it doesn’t fit my narrow way of playing the game”

But if you aren’t just looking for a reaction and are actually suggesting this then I would have to disagree. I would argue that the game is designed to be a team game - specific roles (shotgun rushers supported by lancer crossers), flanking enemies engaged with allies, map control, call outs, contesting power weapons, strategic retreat (i.e. not rushing at sniper 1 vs 3 and regrouping with your teammates who went for boom instead), etc. I’m also not sure why you dislike smokes as it’s one of the ways a shotgun rusher can flush out entrenched lancer fire.

You’re not the only one to talk about this. Team lancer cross is somewhat reviled and gets a lot of blame but I think there are plenty of ways to overcome this not the least of which is finding a team to play with.


Troll thread, just like his last one he made a little while ago


I’ve gotten MVP with 0 deaths using the lancer and enforcer together… just saying

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Sarcasm obviously

Why on earth would you use one gun, let alone the gun with the least amount of range in the game against a variety of assault rifles, snipers, and LITERAL GRENADE LAUNCHERS


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