Why does my profile say I only joined a year ago?

Just wondering.

I’ve been on these forums since Ultimate Edition launched from what I recall. What gives?

These forums didn’t exist back then.

So what was I posting on? Some other people’s profile say they’ve been here since 2015??

Previous forums using a different forum software. Which profiles say they have been here since 2015? This forum came out in 2018.

one example:

I know it’s an odd question but I just felt slightly miffed. Being a loyal fan etc…seems my history with the gears forums has been erased?

That says '18 as in 2018.

Oh so it does! So what happened to the old forums?

Flooded with spambots and wasn’t user friendly so TC changed forum software providers :slight_smile:

lol makes sense I guess. Was just curious is all. Thanks!

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Not a problem, happy to help :slight_smile: