Why does my gnasher not want to shoot

I play koth i try to use gnasher and it doesnt want to shoot sometimes why cos its pissing me off my pad is brand new its not my pad so its the game im clearly pressing rt why does it sometimes not want to shoot i move my camera and have a clear shot on the guy but it wont shoot and when i press shoot again it shoots but its too late then cos ive missed my chance to shoot at the guy
It has recently been happening a lot less but it still does happen sometimes


I watched the entire Mexico City Major yesterday, and all I can say is the Gnasher is broken for everyone.

I cannot tell you the number of times it would appear like these pro’s were simply not pulling the trigger. Additionally to this, there were several times where point blank shots from honestly within gib range, were downing people and not gibbing them.

I feel the Gnasher is in a better place now then it was a month or so back, but I also think they broke something in the process.


I shoot bubbles whenever I switch from another weapons into gnasher, and that killed me over 50% of the time.

I also die after fully sticking gnasher into a player’s body, it’s like their armor deflected the shots, traveled into a portal and shot a duck:

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Current state of the gnasher as of yesterday @Dreamz_Maker

Gotta love the music of the game.

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At least the shotgun works in duck hunt


Not surprising, it’s a special skill they have. Quite impressive actually.


hi @LiL_ZeDDy

that is exactly right my friend, actually " DUCK HUNT " was one of the first games that the gnasher appears, as you can see it works flawlessly.

what is embarrasing its that we’re on 2020 now and TC can’t get it right while Nintendo really polished themeselves in 1984 with the gnasher on Duck Hunt … ¿ kinda of odd isn’t it ?

Again on Arcade you can see Cormano in Konami’s " Sunset Riders" they got the GNASHER in perfect use state , it really makes me angry that japanese devolpers are more skillful than TC all that years ago:


For now i just play nba street vol 2 on my ps2 at least i can have fun playing that game

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on Wedsnesday " Ori and the Will of the Wisps" its going to have its Debut, I won’t be playing much Gears 5 , however Ill be around on the forums of course .

if you have game pass , please give it a try , magnificent game :slight_smile:

I know rite this happens to me all the time first I thought was my controller the I bought a new one silly me it’s a game problem so many wrong stuff to fix it will take years guys just hang on lol

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I never thought I’d see this reference made again.

I originally posted this in the Gears 2 days lol.


Gonna try this out. I disagree. I feel the gnasher has been good (minus the stupid ping delay crap I read about, unless that was a rumor)

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nice vid man never saw the duck hun referente in PREDATOR hahahaha :smile:

the gnasher man comes and goes, sometimes it works as intended and sometimes it doesnt… as per my humble opinion.

Playing my last game right now and here are my findings:

It is a better shotgun in terms of the shotgun duels. It feels like Gears 1 and Gears 2 TU5 era.
It is used more as a chipping weapon than go ham and kills people weapon.

Animation Delays hamper the crap out of it.

  • Hard aim animation
  • in-cover moving shots, slow.

Delays + Latency if someone else has a higher ping, Horrendous!

Like they can work from this build but they gotta fix other things. It just its a tease. It almost feels like Gears 1 but the barrel shooting really take away from it.

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the aspect of the shell count was missed. . it must be 8 shell shotgun , not a 6 shell shotgun… it takes way too much fun…

In Gears 4 I see the consistency and overall weapon behaviour to mimic a real like shotgun, and on Gears 5 if you shoot someone mid-range it just takes 60 % of health instead of fully down him down… its just plain ludacris.

It works fairly well… it depends also as you stated before on latency and pings.

Well… maybe you’re just not hitting your shots because my gnasher works to the T. Try messing with your settings. But if you’re doing bad don’t blame the game.

Found the person playing on neighbor’s wifi.


No it sometimes actually doesnt shoot. I have been doing good recently i have found my settings and deadzones

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That makes no sense. People can’t hit their shots so they have to blame something. What a sad excuse.

I don’t know. I play a lot of 2v2 gnasher so it doesn’t have aim assist & when I go to a core mode I hit a lot of shots. But I also understand I miss shots & gib range. A lot of factors into the gnasher. Just because you hit more times doesn’t mean it’s a critical hit. Playing 2vgnasher helped me understand a lot.

I don’t know then. I have absolutely no problem. Maybe it’s your wifi provider? Mines spectrum & I haven’t had any issues at all.

Pulling the trigger and the gun not firing has nothing to do with hitting or missing shots.