Why does it seem like the only place I can set my vs.character is in a ranked match waiting room?

Am I nuts?

I’m playing on xbox,
and yes, I can play around with the character lists and customization all I want and it seems like I choose a character.
But when the game loads, I always end up playing as the last choice I made in a ranked match.

Am I missing something?

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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If you’re searching Quickplay you press X to select what character you want to use and you’ll see a tick next to the characters picture.

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this only happens at the beginning no?

can you do it in between matches on rolling games?

(it was never a problem until we couldn’t play ranked games as a squad.)

No you can only select your character while searching, once you’ve found a match you’re stuck with whatever COG or Swarm character you picked before entering the game.

You have to quit and search again to change your character.

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See this is something I have never understood. The fact the this game doesn’t have a way to pick the character you want to play as from the main menu is crazy to me. In older games you would go to your settings and chose your preferred character, It was as simple as that. Also, if you are playing with friends and they start a quickplay only the host change their character in Gears 5. I don’t know why the game doesn’t let other players change the their character. It’s annoying because then we have to close our lobby and rehost it so that my friend can change his character when we play quickplay. Its such a simple feature to add to the game and it goes a long way but its no where to be found.


just another oversight, just more proof the game was pushed out a year too early


ah yes.

I forgot to add that you can only choose your character if you’re the host of a squad.

@TC_Sera nay chance of this getting fixed?
Making it so that all players can choose characters during loading and in between vs. matches in quickplay?

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