Why does Gears 5 Multiplayer sucks A**?

What was Coalition thinking when making Gears 5?

  1. Playing rank i get 50 ping. But playing Free for all in quick match i’m getting 85 ping? What’s up with that garbage? Also why is it that only low ping players get the win usually? This game isn’t fair and can see why it’s dead
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Lower ping def helps. But its not the only factor.

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The bigger issue is the shot registration.


Yeah i just uninstalled this game Gears 5 has so much major issues and its been 10 years and the shot registration isnt registering causing me to die? No thanks. Worst Gears right even with judgement lol


Only thing left to do is delete your forum account.


That is not the only factor too it, players are typically tryhard meaning that wall bouncing is a common method to it. From my experience (I am trash) I play Horde/Escape more because I find them more valuable than versus because there are less toxic tryhards. If anything there should be a rank for your unranked matches to find players around your skill level and not with new people, and people could bypass this by creating “new” (by that I mean fake) accounts claiming that they are low leveled accounts…

Here is a rant about Versus Locked Items for Gears 5

Wait ten mins for ranked game of 2v2, trying to get one ranked win a week.
enemy spams haha and Nice one over and over.
team mate sucks i get 13 elims he gets maybe 6 sometimes 2.
game ends 6-7.
i hate this game, i want it to go away forever.
coaltion still haven’t fixed gears UE win10 or judgement.


Definitely agree with you,Op,played over Xmas on Versus as well as free for all,got the highest ping ever,couldn’t hit anyone,this is why I don’t touch PVP,even for the cool items,on tod2,wanted to try and get my onyx full weapon skins,will never ever get the full set unless TC puts em up for sale,it’s just annoying.

A wise decision.

Just for giving his opinion about this garbage?
You’re the same as Microsoft censoring the critics.

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Not really. I’ve said for years if you make an “I quit” thread, the mods should delete your account.

Honestly, your position is quite foolish.
Did you know that this forum talks about all Gears of War, not just the 5?
In case you didn’t know, I invite you to read the name of this forum.


It’s far from dead.

Just go by the kill system. You either get it or don’t.

Don’t fret too much about it. The % doesn’t mean anything because it’s never accurate.