Why Does Gears 5 lack intensity and gore

Why Did the Coalition downgrade the gore in Gears 5?


Same reason they took out E-LPs voice lines.


Stay at home moms that complained because their children are hearing bad words from a video game that they bought for them.


Because it’s a pathetic shadow of what Gears of War used to be.


maybe because the high directives at TC or Microsoft decided to put off the good things that make the game great.

I have high hopes that on 6 we’re going to see more gore than ever before = ) with the new technology on shaders and filters going on .

I do agree that 5 its a toned down version of what 3 and 4 are in the gore and violent section .


Most likely for better frame rate and gameplay. Less the game has to work. Think about how there are no bodies on the ground anymore.


Why do one of these threads pop up every couple weeks?
On topic: Personally I’m not a fan of the jelly insides either, but I assume it was probably just a cost and time saver with the new engine. However, I never tend to actually notice it unless I actively look for the difference to past games.

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The same reason they think Nobody should smoke in a 18+ game


From what ive heard, TC stated the removal of gore was cause it costs to much to make…

However i admit to havin 0 evidence of any quote…

But what other reasons r there usually? Epic complained about gears development cost. Gears is still goin but removed things like gore… so i.e, tc probably did remove gore for there bottom line.

If anyone has a quote though, it would certainly help.


Recently I have found something interesting in the gore of G5 and that is there are bones inside (and only) the legs and arms of the corpse, I noticed today while playing horde and looking for a little time, when playing in a darker map is not that easy to find that details cause the bone is covered by blood and also the speed of the gameplay, here you have the screenshots

Idk If this details can be found in the G4 Gore, anyway I like this and I totally appreciated it, BUT also we need actual gore in the torso like intestines and the rib cage bones and If you add it, Im sure to say that too many fans would love to have it in Gears 5, Look I know its mostly a matter of hardware but you need to understand that the Gore is one of the pillars of the Gears of War saga, its Rated R since the beginning, so if you took off this aspect you’re basically killing one of the things we love of Gears since 2006, I rather have a little less detailed environment in order to keep frame rate but have good gore and good physics
Also another note, if you can make the bones stay white it would be easier to notice what are bones and what is meat, just a tip, I would love if @N0DEZER0 can take a look and see if they can make it happend, I dont care if it takes time but make it happend please


Nice find


those photos you showed here man… Reminds me of the " LOS ZETAS CARTEL " and " GULF CARTEL " gore executions they do to their captives man .

That’s how they end up when they get executed on the plains or open ranches there on mexico. wow man.

TC do have someone who has guerilla experience or Mexican Drug Cartel experience !! wow.

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Can’t say iv’e really noticed the lack of gore, get too involved in the action and back in past gears games i used to turn it off for MP as it would block my screen/view. Gotta admit tho gore is/was a huge part of what made this game. Cliffy and Epic fought MS back in gears 1 just to keep the Lancer chainsaw a part of this great series.

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He said the dreaded word…


The level of detail that exists in gore in earlier entries of the series would cause performance issues and frame drops given how good the graphics are. It’s a sacrifice that had to be made to ensure a balance between graphics and performance.

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Its because no matter how much better a game becomes over time… There will always be people who look for flaws and complain about changes because most of the world doesn’t want to see any change in what they love, But still want and expect growth smh Most of y’all dont know what u want so you just complain about what you get. This is hands down the best gears. It has its problems but so did evey other gears and every other game in the history of video games. The graphics, character phrases, story line, weapons, game mode, and more on 5 are all better than the past Gears games. How about being grateful for them still incorporating classic characters and maps and weapons instead of complaining about everything that pops in your head during a match you’re losing lol

Growth? You must not have played gears 1-3. Gears 5 characters sound politically correct compared to the original 3. Also there are little to no game modes, no customizable loadouts, garbage roster and ridiculous micro transaction unlock system. It’s been 3 months and only 2 Classic characters are usable, Marcus and RAAM whom were by no means more popular than Carmine, Baird, Cole, Kantus and Myrah. Myrah is on the cover and not playable, why? It’s fine if you like it but the game has by no means shown any growth.

It used to be a horror game now its all gy and sht


It’s to appeal to the greater masses. Why sell a game to a few who like gore when you can sell it to many more who don’t?

I do miss the dark and eeriness of some of the maps in Gears 1 and 2 like Subway, Bullet Marsh, and Mansion with the rain effects, for ex.