Why Does Everyone Not Want Actives?

I can’t understand why so many people are ok with T.C. taking away the og function of the active reload. First is was with the gnasher (one of the worst decisions they could have made) and now with the other base weapons. I know they keep saying it’s to fix balance problems but that’s asinine, if actives caused balance issues wouldn’t we have noticed it in the previous 5 games?! Also how does it promote balance to keep the active on the rest of the pick up weapons? In doing this they are taking away an aspect that helped make the game unique and gave it a unique skill to have (yes using and fighting against actives are a skill set in gears, hearing someone pull off an active (they will usually say something when they do) and preparing for that is/was one of the biggest aspects of Gears mp) I feel they are making these changes to cater to those who haven’t played for as long and as such aren’t used to the subtitles the active brings which then frustrates them and makes them see the game as imbalanced. Plus I think they are trying to simplify the game to make it a more popular eSport. These changes are slowly eroding Gears into a completely different game. One that doesn’t have the uniqueness that brought the series fame and following in the beginning. I beseech those at T.C. to not try and fix what never has been broken and bring gears back to the great MP we saw in 3 and 4.

If anyone has any comments or thoughts please feel free to share :+1:


I actually think not having actives is gonna bring more balance. Also theres nothing really skillful about hitting an active its more muscle memory

If this were the case they wouldnt have added so much to Escalation 5.It was way more simple in 4. But Gears Esports will never reach the level like other games


It’s not the hitting it that is skillful it’s how you deal with someone else who has one. It’s paying attention to the details of what happens when someone hits one. It adds a whole other level of tactics to the game instead of this dumbed down version we have here which has been the most imbalanced of the series even with no actives which goes to show that actives aren’t the problem they’re just being used as a scapegoat to try to further simplify the game and cater to newer players who don’t fully grasp the subtleties behind them


You dont always know who has an active or not. In Gears 1-3 people would shoot running out of spawn to have a few active shots so even if you knew they had an active you wouldnt know how many shots would be the active. Did they shot 1, 2, 3?

In Gears 4 and 5 you might see them hit an active but do you know if they actually had an active available?

Anyways I never thought the actives were skillful. If your close enough for gib range an active doesnt mean much. The skill comes from your movement and shooting. If your not moving right the opponent will kill you regardless. I never changed tactics because I though the other person had an active.

I remember with Gears 1 and the 1 shot down active sniper. People raged in Gears 2 when it was taken out but at the end of the day it was for the best. Until we actually play without the actives we truly wont know.


It’s not so much knowing how many shots are active it’s either using movement to wait for their active to go away or (as in most cases) countering with your own. And I wouldn’t mind if they tried tweaking the damage and/or range the actives do but taking them out all together just seems like a bad idea. They are part of what makes the game unique. It would be like (although on a much larger and dramatic scale) if they took out the cover based system to promote balanced maneuverability. It’s just not where the real issue is and taking it out of the game is both ignoring the real issues and creating all new ones plus turning the game into something that it’s not nor never was intended to be. Look at what happened when they changed the weapon swapping system from 3 to Judgment what did it fix or improve…nothing, but was put in place to try to promote a better eSports game and for faster weapon swapping (and look how far that control scheme made it into the series).

When people think of the Uniqueness of Gears I doubt Actives are high on any ones list. At the end of the day I dont think its a big deal.

Also Judgment was made the way it was as an experiment and had nothing to do with Esports. Its a FPS in a TPS body. Before the game was released Epic said it was play different from any previous Gears game


There are two mechanics in gears that are rarely seen in any other game: the cover based system and the reload system. So I’d say it’s pretty important to the integrity of the game. Plus it has been said (I forget where) that the controls for judgement were at least in part created to try to push Gears into an eSport.

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Yea but when people are talking about the uniqueness of Gears actives dont come up right away like the cover system, movement, the lancer. Personally I think they arent that important and theres enough things that already make Gears unique. Losing this isnt as big as loosing one of the other things I mention. But this is just my opinion

I could be wrong but I dont remember ever hearing anything about Judgment and Esports. Also Execution was the go to mode for Gamebattles and Competitive play so Judgment not having that mode at launch makes me doubt the game was built with Epsorts in mind.

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The gnasher is already buffed too strong. With a far GIB range you get a 10 foot head shot. And now you want actives on top of it??? Umm no!


I can see why. People have long been complaining about fights hinging on who happened to have an active at the moment. One of the main features of Gears, as a shooter, is the even playing field. Actives are a good campaign and Horde element but probably don’t belong in VS.

I had a ridiculously high active reload rate in Gears 4, but even I don’t think it belongs in vs. I don’t have a huge problem with it, but wouldn’t be sad to see it go.


It will save the RB button on your controller.



Actives were one of the biggest mistakes ever in the original Gears, and their removal in GOWJ was one of that game’s greatest features. I’m glad they’re going, but would be happier if they disappeared on all weapons, not just starting ones. For campaign/horde/escape, maybe they can all stay, but removing it from multiplayer leads to more consistency (or “perceived” consistency), less doubt, more fair and equal playing field, and also, a chance for true skill rather than luck to be the defining characteristic of a successful encounter.

I’m glad they’re gone, and they need to stay gone.


It’s 1 less thing to think about as my aging brain slows to the point I can’t keep up with these damn reactive kids :yum:

I’d have to disagree on their existence affecting the “level playing field” situation comments above tho, everyone has the same active programming, just because we’d move out of sync relative to each others actives doesn’t atall change the fact that everyone’s equal

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The problem is basically that no other player knows who has extra power in their weapons. If the weapons indicated that another player had an active weapon. It would make more sense and make the game feel more consistent.

If they had this indicator showing on the weapons. They could make it into different ammo pickups and or loadout weapons with different activity types. As long as other players can see and react to it before its getting shoot at them.

It’s a basic game design. Players need to be able to avoid death. Traps are great examples of it. Players want to be able to know if there’s going to be a trap ahead if you are aware and alert. If the player isn’t the player will end up dead or hurt. But if there’s no indication that their might be a trap or danger ahead, and a player dies randomly they will end up quitting the game. Because they will assume there’s going to be a very random game where you can die from anything anywhere. Therefore players find consistency very important.

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It won’t save my LB button though.

(I use Tournament).

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Jus can’t save those who refuse to be saved :cry:

At least you tried lol

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Because they’re trying to make the game (feel) more consistent. It was a smart move IMO.

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This crap is pissing me off… I’m about to just stop playing this game… First they give you the option to separate the bang from the smoke screen at start and gave you the option of picking smoke or stun when in al the other gears you was able to stun with just the smoke grenade. Now they take it away and you have to find ta flashbang just to stun like its a big weapon. And now this b.s. Of taking away the active reload extra power when it already takes a hundred bullets with the Chainsaw lancer just to knock you down… SMH…


I don’t think anyone is OK with them removing actives but rather knowing that it’s balanced to do that in this game. Gears 5 needs it it pains me to take such a core feature that made gears gears. But the game feels more balanced without them. I just wished they could bring actives back sometime to all weapons whilst also having good balance