Why does everybody try to take the hill all alone

Dont people know how to use the tac com button to see where your teammates are? Every game that i lose is the same thing everybody trys to do it all alone and im the only one that ever waits for backup or retreats when out numbered. This will tipically draw 2 or 3 enemies out of cover to chase me allowing my team a chance to kill them or take the hill. But every one else just trys to gnasher their way in with 3 guys shooting at them.

Is the lonewolf style really getting these guys a better rank? Why would they keep doing it if they know they will die? What are they trying to prove anyway?

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Me on the way to the hill with a log for my fire:


They’re expecting you to be there helping them out. IDK why people play a game with such a specific objective, then spend half the time d*****g around in 1V’s on other parts of the map.

Now, if it’s a matter of waiting for people to spawn in, that’s one thing. But, I have had innumerous matches where people are just trying to get in fights with the first opponent they see and in those cases, I’m left pushing the hill by myself.


Personally, I’m not even using my brain in this game anymore. Literally a game I play occasionally so I can shoot-the-■■■■ in a party w/o paying attention to what’s going.

But that being said, most people just don’t care anymore and play for themselves. Game is too old at this point to where if you’re not a stacked-team playing for keeps, you’re probably a solo who’s there to grab kills and play something more lengthy in core settings.


I’ll definitely try to break it alone if i have a smoke but i refuse to challenge 2+ enemies near it if they see me.

especially if its like the hill in the middle of gridlock thats virtually begging for people to lancer into it from the stair areas.

:joy: perfect!

As for the OP, people are disappointing. That’s about it.

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I never (always) Lancer from those areas! One thing you have to keep an eye on is who picks up the sniper though, Twice yesterday I got my dome shot off, by the same enemy. To give him credit he managed a good few of them against not only me but team (randoms) and we got totally stuffed 2-0.
Speaking of the sniper spawn, why don’t people throw a shock up there. That is my preferred method .

As for OP, what my fellow GB said :+1:

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Because lots of players are in KOTH just for the kills to help their K/D ratio so they can get that high paying job since employers like to see that on their resume’, that’s why.


Don’t play with Rambo randos.
There. Solved your problem. Next question

I just want to know why there are so many quitters in Gears 4. I have never seen anything like it. And this is Onyx ranked people. They wonder why they will never be Diamond.

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As a person that works from home, I’ve spent many a conference call/meeting blasting around in social. Gettin paid to raise that k/d!

That’s kind of a blessing though if you enjoy playing to move up- once you hit diamond there are no more games to play.

Lol horrible. I hope Gears 5 is more active. I dont think i have to worry about it. Never going to make Diamond at this rate. Maybe in a different mode.

Cant move up anyways because im winning almost every match someone doesnt quit. Which is only about 10% of the matches. So im basically done unless I have a full squad. Cant find matches in any other mode so its basically 2v2 Gnashers and Social until Gears 5.

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:joy: and in 2v2 Gnashers me and friend got matched against the same team 5 matches in a row.

The longer you wait the more the counter goes up. Get in there, get the break, do the dance, and maybe your team will sweep up and get the cap.
I rush the hill all the time. Sometimes I’m successful sometimes I fail…miserably.

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What I find unfortunate about this game mode is that people think they are avengers by rushing alone into the points to be captured. Most of the time, I often fall with unclassified or gold people in my team when I am onyx, and across the street there are only diamonds…so the teamwork is non-existent and we get 2-0’s all the time. Sometimes I deliberately wait for my team to reappear so that we can all go together to the point, but as soon as they see an enemy they stop to kill him so he dies and I find myself alone…

That’s why I think the best solution is to launch directly into a team of 5 people and play communication to the fullest, because there’s no secret about that. :neutral_face:

Yeah for sure i think above Onyx it definitely helps to have a solid steady team for KOTH. Which is why im gonna fully focus on Gnashers.

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This is good strategy in public play if there is strong disconnect- I call it forceable team play. Otherwise you end up in a cycle with everyone respawning separate and running into certain death. It’s easy to get caught in the cycle yourself too, even when you’re playing with a good team if you aren’t paying attention.

… but as you said, once the enemy shows up you can’t make the horse drink.

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