Why does everybody love Foundation so much?

I hate this map. Why does everyone always wanna play this map?

It’s great for KOTH. I’m guessing that’s why.


Could ask the same about people’s love for Forge in Horde. I don’t get it myself cause it’s easy and gets boring quickly(especially if people keep insisting on a control room setup with everyone crowded on the right side or in the middle because “muh fabricator blocking on the left” vs a spawn setup like the majority of Gears 4 Horde matches on the map).

My best guess would be that people are either stuck in Gears 4 times(which it certainly sometimes feels like with the little love Gears 5 maps receive at times… but then it seems some Gears 5 maps are less suitable to Horde than most of the 4 maps, not that it means much when it feels like the map focus is 90% PvP and 10% Horde in their design - no, that’s just a subjective feeling that doesn’t have to be true and isn’t a statement made by devs), because this was one of the “pro” maps often used in Escalation eSports streams I no longer watch since a few years ago. Or they just really like it when it seems like a decent map at best to me.

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Gears of war has a unique gameplay. You can wallbounce, Its the only game where you can do this king of gameplay. That s why i love gears so much,…his unique gameplay.

Foundation is just the best and easiest map to do it.

That’s why people love it i think…


probably because by Gears 5 standards Foundation is a top tier map. I know I would pick it over Pahanu or Bunker

EDIT: oops, didn’t mean to reply to you BAKI

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Yea I wondered that too, I hate the map as well, its hard to flank, plus its one of the least attractive maps visually.


Yes. It’s a map that plays all modes rather well.

Played it literally 1000’s of times.

Don’t love it for horde, but it’s sure to be a classic.

That close to Boomshot hill on Foundation is another reason why I think the map is so popular. All types of chaos around there, that keeps players entertained.

It’s good for all types of playstyles and game modes.

As people above have said, it’s a relatively versatile map that works on all modes.

It is a decent map, but I’ve played it to death in the last two games. Very rarely does it come up and it isn’t picked, so I can understand the frustration.

Yes it is, but I cringe when I see a bunch of randoms Spawn at shock and charge torque hill when there is only 10 to 15 points left. Even if I yell into the mic “Stay here” “setup” they still charge like they have no clue. Smh. Happens alot solo queue. That’s the only reason I like to try to avoid the Map.

It’s trash IMO. Most g4 maps are.


it’s nice
nice color grading

Its a pretty map…but its garbage for koth. Every time its there to get voted on it wins going away. Id rather play exhibit, asylum, training grounds, ■■■■ id rather play pahanu than foundation. Its been in my rotation all day today. . Id rather play icebounde. I hate that ■■■■■■■ map. Its way overrated.

Maybe that map is the Foundation of the Laziness!? :thinking:

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I think it was a great map, for the first 3 years. I think the Gears community draws people who like consistency and don’t mind repetition. Nothing wrong with that. I just can’t play the same maps for years on end.

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I don’t think everyone loves Foundation… Everyone just hates the other maps! Lol!


I :heart: Pahanu

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I used to LOVE it in Gears 4 for KotH, however admittedly, it’s quickly wearing on me now in Gears 5. Beyond how the map plays, I also really don’t care for the theme and visual aesthetics, it’s just blah and boring to me.

Don’t know if you’re joking, but Pahanu is actually a really good map in my opinion. When you break it down, the interactions that the layout forces ends up making for a really balanced experience. It doesn’t have to be a Lancer dominate map and I have played games on it that were very Gnasher focused.

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