Why does custom versus not give credit towards active tour objectives while custom horde and escape do?

I got your point, and i don’t disagree at all, just wanted to say what I thought TC’s reasoning was.

Yeah I understand. I imagine TC want everything to be geared towards making the player play online. In this case they would rather have you populating co op as opposed to playing privately with people or solo in a custom match.

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You didn’t get what I was saying but Ghost explained it. They want you to play more than 10min to get it done.

It’s not really any challenge jumping into co op quickly a few times and leaving until you find your map and setting your controller down for 2 minutes until your team flatten the AI though is it? I think you missed my point as well.

Not sure why you can’t understand the basic concept that they want you to put some time into playing.

Yeah but who cares

And I’m explaining to you how this particular task involves very little time if you do what I said. Step 1 search co op vs AI a few times quickly leaving until you find your map. Step 2 set your controller down and let your co op team wipe the AI. You are just arguing to make a pointless point because you said it’s time challenging to find the map and I am telling you it’s not and giving you a detailed reason why.

Quit while you are ahead and stop replying like you need the last word.

Not always that quick man, I’ve searched/quit out/searched for far FAR longer than 5-10min to find the map I needed, I find it to be terrible game design to need to rely on rng to complete time based challenges, just terrible, an hrs gaming session can consist of 45min worth of menu’s, lobbies, and quitting with 5-10min of waiting for my teammates to win for me, then bed. Great work TC, REALLY leading the industry here :rofl::rofl:

Like I said I must just be lucky because I normally find the map I need very quickly just skimming through the co op vs AI. I totally get that people don’t even want to do that and that it can be a pain getting some of the daily’s done but from a pvp players perspective that’s a lot easier and quicker than the horde and escape daily’s which are an absolute bore fest for me.

Guy, IDK what’s causing you to go nuts here but you clearly don’t understand and you’re getting frustrated about it. Let it go. I’m simply trying to explain why I think TC did this. I’m not justifying it or saying I agree with it, which seems to be what you’re hung up on.

I’m just sounding frustrated because I have to repeat myself to you because it seems like you are thinking I am challenging your opinion or something.

You stated TC wanted you to have to spend some time doing the win on a map challenge instead of doing custom pvp match and I simply pointed out that by doing co op v AI you don’t have to spend much time skimming through the matches by joining and quitting to find the map and it’s done.

Why do you keep ignoring that point and replying like I didn’t get what you said. I get what you are saying about TC wanting a challenge to involve effort/time etc and that custom match would take 2 minutes but I simply pointed out an extremely quick way to do the challenge which generally takes very little time or effort.

Had you replied yes I see that as a way to do this quickly etc that’s a fair point etc we would have been done but instead you had to reply like I’d insulted you or criticised your opinion by implying that “I didn’t get what you were saying” which was not the case.

Yea I totally get that, if I was playing vs only I’d be raging at da tour but luckily LUCKILY for me the vs in 5 has negative appeal, REALLY sucks to be fair but alas that’s my reality. Just havnt got addicted to it like all other gears games (-j if were talking vs only)

I think this is a good topic. I have read several good points.

My thoughts are simple. If Escape and Horde challenges can be completed in custom matches, so should Versus challenges.

The unfortunate things is that many of the Versus challenges are beyond the control of the individual player. It’s not so much about skill or a challenge, but more so about luck.

For example, you need to hope that the map you need comes up. Then, you have to hope that it gets selected. Then, you have to hope that the other players on your team are as capable as you in order to win. And then there is the “Win a versus match as Swarm”. Again, the individual player has absolutely no control over which team they get placed on.

I suspect that the difference between Horde and Escape, and Versus, is the false belief that Versus is the predominant and most important mode in Gears. Additionally, I feel that Gears is losing the bulk of its’ player base for Versus, and are using these types of challenges in an attempt force people to play.


Their map randomization is still crap. Put in a better voting system with all maps as options or al last put all of the maps equally in voting rotation instead of the same stupid 4 (icebound, training grounds, bunker, and district).

It sees that lift is not in the rotation -.-
Got the same problem.
Also the quest for playing a DLC charakter u don’t own is ■■■■■■■■!

Yea mate, maybe… …MAYBE… have challenges for unlockable characters in the FOLLOWING tour/season but yea, kinda BS that, all this grind against the clock sh*t is not the grind we are looking for!!

If it wasn’t for custom versus wouldn’t even be able to play gears 5 multiplayer let alone care about some tod grind

I keep getting Reclaimed as the map I need, and it never shows up. I spent 2 hours jumping in and out of Co-Op vs AI matches an never saw it. Stayed in for 27 consecutive matches thinking it would pop it if I just stayed and it never did.

The RNG of the maps is beyond idiotic. It’s not even a rotation and it’s complete BS to see the same map on vote screen twice with just a different game mode.

I’ve gotten to the point where I just idle the matches and let others do the work, because whether or not I do anything I get the same XP in the end. So I just spin in a circle and shoot the lancer every so often.

I have noticed that only 4 maps show up on veto screen after the game. (Icebound/Training Grounds/ District/Bunker). I get a lot more maps when I start a new game. I have seen every single map except Lift doing this. Hope it helps.

Had to edit since as of this second I have now seen lift as well.

At the voting screen I always see Asylum, Training Grounds, Icebound, District, and Bunker 95% of the time. Then occasionally one of them changes to Exhibit, Lift, Vasgar, or Allfathers.

Reclaimed seems to show up once in a blue moon, I have yet to see Dam, Foundation, Forge, or Harbor at all since Operation 2 started.