Why does custom versus not give credit towards active tour objectives while custom horde and escape do?

After spending a few hours trying to find a game on lift to complete a tour of duty objective I decided to make this post. The map didn’t show up once…Meanwhile if I get horde or escape objectives I can just create a custom game and get it done by myself if needed. Seems strange that custom versus is the only game mode that doesn’t count towards it. Please make it so versus custom games count toward active tour objectives just like horde and escape so people can just choose the map they need and get these objectives done so they can move on to activities they actually want to play.


Maybe this is just too obvious and I’m missing something, but custom vs is just too easy to manipulate vs Escape and Horde. If you could do it in custom vs, they might as well not have you do it at all because it no longer represents any kind of challenge.


Horde and escape can be done on beginner for credit. Even winning a vs against beginner ai gives credit, so it’s not really about the challenge of winning, it’s about fighting rng for a map.

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I’m talking about their perspective.

Not sure I really understand. I had a daily to complete a vs match on training ground…a map that is fairly common. Played vs beginner ai and got it done easy. What difference is there in “challenge” if I set up a custom game against beginner ai on a map like lift that I have never seen in the rotation?

The way it is now, people will have to play a few games to get it. I think that’s how they intended it. That’s all I’m saying. Horde and Escape aren’t so brief and TC doesn’t have to set up a system to prevent boosting.

A few games is one thing. After hours of trying to get lift (which I am not even sure is in the map pool tbh) is another. Maybe they could add a better map voting system to show all the maps. I don’t know just frustrating fighting a coin flip for dailies.

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It’s not about the challenge. In a custom VS lobby, you could just fill it with people you know and cooperatively go through whatever challenges you need to get the medals.

Horde and Escape require you to actually play those modes as intended, regardless of the difficulty.


So if you fill your custom versus match with bots and you win, you agree that it should count?

Same A.I. for escape/horde and same case as cop vs AI but with the map required.

This ToD and its challenges is clearly designed for escape and horde players. Even items for specific medals are better for Horde/Escape. Versus people can forget it.

So you can just fill it with people who will cooperate with you and give you the easy win…kind of like just doing vs beginner ai where it is pretty much impossible to lose. As I said to someone before I guess it’s fine if they want to keep people from “cheating” but they need to add better ways to get some of the maps because trying to find lift for hours is annoying when all I want to do is play horde.

“Impossible to lose” because a difficulty is easy, isn’t the same as literally conspiring to help each other farm medal objectives - you’re still playing Horde in a way it was meant to be played. I also believe one of the Horde medals requires you to play 100 waves on Insane difficulty or higher.

This is aside from your complaints about it being a pain to play a specific map

I was talking about ACTIVE tour objectives…the ones that reset everyday if completed. Not the ones that require medals to complete for the tour itself. But I can see people cheesing medals could be a problem…can’t have nice things cuz people suck is basically the answer I am being given. Not like it matters…pretty sure coalition doesn’t even read their forums. Just a ranting from one who wishes it didn’t take forever to find a map I suppose.

I doubt they monitor the forums on the regular, but Ryan Cleven was here answering community questions and feedback a few weeks ago, before taking a break from the internet for personal reasons. Octus occasionally chimes in, but very rarely.

My apologies - I didn’t realize you were specifically only talking about daily objectives. It would be nice if you could just hammer those out with bots in a custom lobby, but I suspect they’ve restricted it because they want you to actually engage with the “real” VS mode as it’s intended to be played, versus just cheesing it out with pushover bots in five minutes.

I’d be more concerned that my escape medals are getting done when I haven’t done a single second of escape this tour.
Finished the scion one and I’m also getting progress on revive with cog gear in versus…

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Haha I noticed this too. Clearly counting the progress of someone who was in a group with me or something. Not that I’m complaining, since I don’t play Escape.

That is the answer you would get from any DEV, welcome to the gaming world. In fact welcome to Earth in general, where there is always a percentage of people who will abuse everything they can, ruining it for everyone else because they only think of their garbage selves.
Oh, you are giving away a freebie?! Here, let me take all of them and screw everyone else! Oh, there is a glitch or cheap way of getting achievements, medals, ie! Well let me EXPLOIT it to high heaven because I cant be bothered playing the game LEGIT! Ruining the game in the process for everyone else, whether its directly because you are playing them PvP or indirectly cause the DEVs end up doing something to the game because of it.

Not true… i know numerous people abusing horde and its mechanics online and this even includes gears 5 mechanics being abused that are not tied directly to horde mode and its system mechanics, however still being abused daily in horde mode online, let alone privately where some of its system mechanics for gears 5 could be argued are less effectively used when compared to online lobbies.

Co op versus the AI counts. It’s nothing to do with the challenge.

Its more that its a playlist set by TC, rather than being able to set which weapons, map and mode you want and stack it with your friends.

CO-OP versus AI is still luck of the draw and anyone can enter.

I do agree though it isn’t much of a challenge.

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That was my point-if you read the comment I was replying to the guy was saying it’s no challenge to play custom but it’s no challenge on co op either. Also it’s luck of the draw but nearly every co op v AI is in play and it’s a lot quicker joining quickly and leaving until you find the map you want.

Maybe I’m just lucky but I have no issues finding the maps I need for the daily objectives in 5 or 10 minutes max.