Why dodge doesn't work on retro charge?

It should, no?

You RUN in order to impale.

Not completely clear about this question, but I assume you’re talking about a situation where an enemy is charging toward you with the bayonet and you do a roll or strafe to the side and the next thing you know you’re in the air wrapped around their blade.

In this case then the game found that your character was within acceptable proximity of the enemy to be “sucked in” to the impalement animation before the attempt at dodging was made. If the enemy appeared to be far away then it’s probably lag.

I’m almost for sure you’re talking about horde though. I guess the same would apply.

If you’re talking about something completely different then…my bad

Yes, I’m talking about horde card.

It’s at least weird, as even a full speed scout won’t activate dodge when he charges towards an enemy.

He’s road running too, no?

I don’t think the retro charger is a “roadie run”. I know when you do retro charge - that you can only do it for a certain length of distance plus it’s faster than a standard roadie run.

Yeah in versus at least, it does seem to be faster than a roadie run. And of course it’s done by holding down the b button. No roadie button needed.

Anyway now I think I see what you’re asking now. I agree it is weird that it wouldn’t apply to retro charge. Maybe some more horde folks will chime in.

I suppose it would be more similar to dodging enemy fire than a roadie run since a retro charge is sort of in the same category as enemy fire at least in my mind.

I should probably step out of this convo though lol since I don’t do horde and am not familiar with the cards

Dodge works when you retro charge. I don’t understand why you think it doesn’t.

No, it doesn’t.

It should not affect the Retro charge. Retro charge is an attack similar how lancer rev of chainsaw is technically an attack. It says “Roadie run”. Different button and action all together.

Sure, it’s an attack… During a running!

I know. It’s kinda like the steady hand card. Does not exactly match description.

See what happens to you when you are a scout playing inconceivable and a locust is shooting you with a gnasher. He will down you in a second. I can retro charge and take multiple point blank shots from his gnasher and impale him. Did you test it or is it just a feeling?

On incon?

Don’t think so.

I recall retro charging on incon, after getting overconfident with dodge+hp regen+speed. I was dropped pretty quickly, and it wasn’t wave 30 yet.

Can you prove otherwise?

It’s clear why it’s not. It’s an offense maneuver. Not a roadie. I get it that you want to have it all but Horde is a system of compromises and choices. To have Dodge while attacking is too much, IMO. Horde is easy enough. No need to OP the classes.

Firstly, the answer to this old question - not a request, as you implied - was already given. It’s just a burocracy involving the button used. And both make the character RUN, that’s undeniable.

Secondly, yes, horde can be a piece of cake if you resort to cheap tricks such as team revive, strikes, SENTRIES… But even so, it’s not easy to retro charge or chainsaw 6 enemies on inconceivable bonus wave. At least if you aim a flawless run.