Why Do you Love Gears? (If at All)

I’m currently working on a project, and I can’t disclose much but I’d like everyone who sees this, in either a paragraph or a simple sentence, tell me—or better yet, tell the community why You love Gears.

Whether it’s because you like the gameplay or you have some deeper emotional connection to the franchise. Just tell me, or tell us, why.

In a couple months when I’m done with this project, I’ll let you know why I’m asking, but know that I’ll be using whatever quotes you put in this thread in said project.

Also we just passed Gearsmas, and are entering 2021. This goes beyond my Project, But I am genuinely curious about this, if I haven’t heard before, I’d like to know why you like, dare I say love, Gears.

I’ll go First;

Shortly: I love Gears because it kept me tied to my father at a developing time in my life, and has given me a glimmer of hope in 2020–which has been an immeasurably hard year for me, nearly taking myself with it in the end.

Long Version:
(This may be too real for a Forum page about muscle men with Chainsaw guns, but I’ll blur it out for those who don’t care to read on).

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You may not know this, but I just turned 18 years old this year. I was 6-7 years old when I started playing Gears. That may seem early but I think it demonstrates the role games have had on my life, Gears in particular. My first game was Gears 2, which my dad bought because he played through Gears 1 with a friend. He wanted to continue the story and offered me to play as Dom in Co-Op. Because I was a literal child I kept playing the game much more often while he’d work and whatnot, and eventually we’d go on to play Gears 1-J together, 3 being the first time I was excited for a game to come out. Around Gears 4’s release was a point in my life (I was about 14/15) when my Dad stopped laying Gears, or games in general with me, and I was isolated in a sense other than the fact that one of my closest friends–practically a brother to me picked up the series from my years of playing Gears 3 between 2011 and 2016. Later on my relationship to Gears would influence my actual relationship in real life, a girlfriend I had in highschool, the both of us wore a pair of COG Tags I had been gifted, each of us wearing one of the tags, hers which had a small ball bearing attached to it, much like Dom’s in Gears 3–which was mainly sentimental to me, but she understood it. That ended in 2020 though. I wanted to kill myself in June of this year, because I was a dumb, 17 year-old kid who had been crushed by the stress of school and pain of a 2-year four-month relationship coming to a close. My days in between my graduation and getting my first job earlier this year in August were spent with Gears. Gears 5 most recently—because Gears is something I’ve always had. I’m not that old compared to a lot of us, or you on here, but it’s been a thing in my life unlike any other media or franchise. Like 90’s kids who grew up with Darth Maul or the older crowd that loved Boba Fett and Batman, or Spiderman more recently. Gears–was that to me. Baird, Marcus, and crew were always my favorite characters and the attachment I have to this series has quite literally touched me to the heart among the deepest relationships in my life. I’ve loved Gears for a long time, and if I didn’t love it as I do, I wouldn’t be so angry about the direction Gears 5 has taken. My anger is seeded by the care that I burden myself with. I love Gears… these Forums truly are a place I spend way too much of my time with, I wrote a lot of stories inspired by, one even set with Gears in mind. The effect Gears has had on me is immeasurable. And that’s why I love it so god damn much.

Damn well that was a lot, but I truly do love Gears unlike anything else.

Thank you all for any and all submissions you make to this thread. Merry Gearsmas and a Happy New Year to all of you crazy Gearheads. I love this series. And I love all of you.

This has been added in post-release so only newcomers or re-visits may find this, but I’ve whipped up a tease of what I plan to be working on for the next couple weeks or so.

Teaser for Y'all




Emotional mate :heart:

I bought the first GOW game when me and my soon to be wife moved in together. We had jobs that finished at different times. I would get home by 230 in the afternoon and she would be home by 730pm. This was over 15 years ago.

Loved the game from the start and couldn’t get enough!!!

Never really got into versus or horde later with GOW2, but always enjoyed the campaign play through. After GOW3 my work life got very real and we also had kids. My gaming took the back sit. I got back into it right at the end of GOW4.

Love Gears 5! I know it’s not perfect…far from it. Have been playing religiously since day one. Made many wonderful friends and enjoy every second playing with them.

This game has an obsessive hold on me, even though I have a “Love Hate Relationship With It”

#lovehate this game.

PS my son is 7 years older now and he loves this game.

PPS Stay strong my young friend and remember that you always have friends here or someone if you need to talk to.


Appreciate seeing you encourage the positivity, esp knowing this has been a particularly difficult year for you. As many negative things I have to say about this game it’s nice to see a thread like this for a change.

To answer your question generically, I like Gears for its unique versus gameplay and because of the depth of its PvE experience.

I hear a lot of people say they like it because “there’s nothing like it”. That sort of doesn’t say much of anything though.

What is it specifically to me that makes it unique? Sliding mechanics and the slide cancel for me is one of the main things that makes it a unique experience.

The different options you have regarding movement. Roadie strafing, wrap shots, up A, back A, reaction shots, slap shots, pop shots, hip fire, blind fire, etc. The use of cover and the fact that you can see what’s behind that cover without anyone on the other side knowing that you see them. The fact your character can face different directions but you can see in other directions by turning your camera either while in cover or while hitting/jumping off cover. They’re all things that I can’t imagine doing without and they’re not really a thing in any other game besides Gears.

The amount of time and skill it takes to play at the highest level is extraordinary IMO and from what limited experience I have playing other games, I can believe Gears has one of the largest learning curves because there is a lot of unique depth to the gameplay.

I also have come to appreciate the lore. And the character personalities. The random things they say during fights. The visceral nature of chainsaws to the chest and feet crushing through heads. I never considered myself a violent person but this stuff was oddly entertaining and captivating when I started playing. The vast variety of skins, and the fact that you can see them and appreciate them for yourself while you play as opposed to a first person shooter.

My gears story

Wife and I got one of the kids an Xbox for Christmas 2017. None of us were gamers. One night while the kids were in bed I was curious about what was out there for us older folk (I’m 36 btw), not having played anything since super Mario brothers for the original Nintendo when I was a kid. So I installed GOW4 by chance as we had a free trial of game pass. I don’t know why I chose GOW4. I don’t think there was much more to it than “Eeny meeny miny moe”

I jumped straight into versus multiplayer because this is what was the most intriguing. Playing with/against real players over the Internet was something I’d never done. I’m a competitive person by nature so this sounded fun.

I was dead weight to put it lightly. To say I hadn’t a clue what I was doing was an understatement. So I wanted to learn more to get better. Enter countless hours of getting slaughtered. Watching YouTube tutorials. Getting slaughtered some more. Finding hope. Getting slaughtered. Sitting aggressively in a chair with a controller in hand was my new found hobby and I loved it. The nature of my work allowed me the extra time to do these “childish” things and for that I was fortunate.

I got my wife to try playing once after she’d been making fun of me. Before she knew it she was hooked too. We played split screen multiplayer. Then we got another Xbox. 3 years later and we still play together at least once a week if not more.

Something about the fact that it was SO difficult to learn (I literally shot the ground and/or sky during gnasher fights for the first couple of weeks) is what made me want to play it. I had no gaming experience that amounted to anything so the uphill fight for me was steeper than your average noob I think. And being in my thirties my reaction time maybe wasn’t on point compared to these 16 year olds I was playing.

4000+ hours later and finally I think I can say with some degree of certainty that I’m an above average player. Not an outstanding kind of player by any means. But man have I come a long way over the past 3 years when I couldn’t even shoot a gun straight.

If only more players were as determined and dumb as I am to put up with so much BS, we might have a much larger population.



Good thread, my reply def won’t be long lol. To be honest I do play Gears a lot mainly because Halo got delayed. Halo and Gears have been my top 2 favorite games for years now.

I was excited when MS was going to make gears 4 because I think Gears is a unique game. Now the bad news. To be honest I would like to see TC gone and a new developer in. The game has so much potential but TC to me doesn’t have the capability to make it great and grow.

Over time I have started to dislike TC more and more. To me they have made some good changes but have made many more bad ones. TC as a company to me can’t be trusted due to all the things they’ve tried to pulled over the years and issues they continue to ignore, along with excuses.

Hopefully one day I’ll be proven wrong but looking at history it doesn’t look promising.



Its "dude bro"shooter with over the top violence, characters, settings and lore, the series just exudes cheesy 80’s action flick vibes, that was reason enough for me to stick with Gears ever since I rented a copy of Gears of War at my local Blockbuster all those years ago. It’s definitely part of my own personal lexicon of my all time favorite media, that aside I have a lot of fond memories doing couch co-op with family and friends.

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i love gears because i can hide behind a wall when its too dangerous, play the gnasher and surprise my ennemies with the wallbounce, its the only game to allow that…

There are executions too…its very fun the problem is too many people cry on versus when you do executions…

I play it since gears 3 and its the best TPS for me


Is this an entire thread a troll post to make me believe a fake age for you Buster?


Sadly enough, no.

I’m all one for a dead horse but eventually the corpse will have to rot away.

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I love it because I get to eliminate @Mark36111 with a shotgun.


Dang OP, glad you decided… Not to.

THAT is NEVER the answer.

You take the pain away from yourself BUT transfer it to your loved ones instead.



I foresaw that.

I loved that it used to be so gothic…

Now I’m just living in the past… wishing for the best…

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I was new to gaming until 2017 when I got an Xbox for Christmas. It came in a bundle with Gears of War Ultimate Edition.
I started playing, fell in love with the game, characters, story, music, you name it. In a span of few months I finished the trilogy, read all the books ( my favorite is The Slab), started playing Gears of War 4, met some great players who became good friends, became a clan member who competed in ranked modes and here we are now, in gears 5. I’m a master escapist, former Horder and versus player.

Also, Gears games are the only games that don’t make me sick ( as in motion sickness). :woman_shrugging:t2:
Add - I have a 9 yr old son who is as passionate about gears as I am.


The reason I got a 360 (Mad World trailer had me hooked) and the first online MP I played.

No story comes close, Halo is a close second but man the original is my favorite game of all time.

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I started playing Gears somewhat young too. Im 23 and started in 07 when we got our first 360, i always played with my older brother who liked Dom and i liked Marcus so i grew more on him. I love Gears for the characters and lore but im very attached to Horde.

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I seem to do this often, but I replied to many people in one, so skip whatever may not be relevant to you. But I did pick out lines I’d like to use in this project.

The Love-Hate “abusive” relationship is one I share with Gears and Star Wars, and boy–how true it is.

The slide in a TPS game really does set it apart from Mass Effect and Fallout. Other TPS games of a similar simple-shooter, cult-following nature. Never thought about it but yeah the cover and slide mechanics really do set it apart.

Also agreed, the personality each and every character shows, no two being the same (Exceptions of course with COG Gears) and even better that the Onyx Guards and Gears in Gears 3 were totally different characters even if filling a very similar role narrative-wise.

I don’t think it’s TC exclusively, but more their leadership. Gears 5 wearing seven different crowns for sure made it a bumpier ride than Gears 4 which didn’t have quite so drastic shifts across its lifetime.

This is similar to the path I remember taking. So in love with the characters and story at first, letting VS and Horde take a backseat until early 2016 with UE and 4. And even then still learning more and more about the deeper stories of the books, comics, and theories–of which I’ve helped with.

I think there are better written stories. But nothing beats Gears (at least 1-3) when it comes to solid Character beats and relationships. The fact that it’s all so subtle is probably one of my favorite aspects of say, Marcus’ relationship with the Carmines.

Solo Horde is where I live if I’m not eating up the Low-tier Silver 2v2 playlists!!!


Very cool thread. I just wanted to start out by apologizing for you losing your girlfriend and going to the dark place you were in.

Gears of War is more than just a game, it’s my childhood. I played it for the first time when my parents bought me a 360 and gears 2 for Christmas back in 2010. My brain is just flooded with endless memories related to this game. It was a getaway from my toxic parents, but it also was a way to bond with my sister, who also played every now and then. I’ve met a number of people on Gears that I’m so thankful to call friends. 4 months after getting my 360, the Gears 3 Beta became available in April. My first game was a TDM game on Checkout and I had 10 kills and 0 deaths. That’s not that impressive, but come on, I was 11 - it felt great!! I remember crying when the beta ended. I just could NOT wait for gears 3 to come out in September. I went to the midnight release of gears 3 with a high school friend, and my sister. I grinded Capture the Leader Quickplay all the way to #1 on the leaderboard out of 1 million players! (#BringBackCTL ;D).

Fast forward to Gears 4, I was in college, but I’d play basically every single night with 4 other friends, playing horde and multiplayer. We called ourselves the dream team haha. I remember beating Inconceivable Ironman 50 waves of horde with nothing but barriers and completing all of the random objectives that would pop up.

I’m sorry for the long run on lol. Basically, what makes Gears of War so great is all of the memories it has created. Memories Make Us Rich.


I will go with a short version,
What I loved about Gears of War universe (1-3), its all about war and the horror that come with it!

(Started with Gears 2) For me it was humanity facing extinction against an unkown species, Its dark, full of intriguing characters, enemies and world.

Then over the time I started collecting other stuff from Gears of War, belt buckle, comics, others.

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