Why Do You Hate Gears 5 Multiplayer?

To be fair you can be a fan of more than one game and not want them to intersect.

For sure.

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Keep fighting for the game we love, or else we’re gonna watch another Judgement re-run, I’m not joking.

Remember though, we are all in this together. I have hope we can shape this game, we just can’t stop the aggressive feedback tell they get it right. Stay aggresive in your feedback.

Forums need to me maintained and honest to what’s really happening so it’s all TC sees! Keep at it!

Stop hating on Judgement!

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Archer takes a sip “Okay I guess just pout”, has another mouth full…
But I do agree with you.

Ok I’m sorry.


I hate it mainly because I don’t see any single player DLC in the pipeline at all.


I want more local DLC content, not another set of stupid skins, tour of duty, or things I will not spend money on otherwise.

Signed, this guy LOL

Yeah, something tells me no matter where this game goes as far as tweaks and fixes;

The Microtransactions are going to be a huge focus for TC. See how creative they got with Mac?

Just Wait.

What’s there to like? The game is catered to new players. Just like gears 4 was catered to esports. Gears 5 multiplayer is the worst gears mp besides judgement. At least back then I had gears 3 to go back to.


I like the multiplayer, maps could be a bit bigger tbh. Ping is ruining it massively though. Bullet lag is horrendous!!


Yup! Maps are smallest in Gears of war history.



Yup that was the same feeling I got with gears 5, is the one I had with Halo 5. It seems TC are trying to make the game for a different fanbase instead of realizng the exiting fanbase is already a good size and a loyal one.

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Honestly… Map selection on quickplay v ai.

Tour of duty required vs win on Asylum… 4hours of play easily 30 matches with breaks… Asylum didn’t even show up as a voting option once. Also has vasgar, only appeared twice. Several games on district but icebound, training grounds, and bunker were nearly every choice.

Highly frustrating

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So, I actually enjoy Gears 5. I don’t enjoy it as much as I did with Gears of War 4, but it definitely isn’t a bad game. I think with updates and patches, it can eventually be a fun and competitive experience. In particular, I enjoy King of the Hill and Execution due to the goals of the playlists encouraging you to adopt a different playstyle (e.g. fast-paced CQC in KotH, compared to the team-based and methodical approach to Execution).

With that out of the way, I really dislike the following:

  • EU server issues are still common, despite the game being released for over a month now
  • The aim assist is too strong and it doesn’t belong in ranked modes
  • The lack of versus characters and maps makes the versus experience feel extremely repetitive
  • Ranked placements are meaningless as you’ll likely end up in silver regardless of your performance
  • Ranked reset earlier in the month demoting me after every match, only to promote me after every match again until I was back at my initial tier of Diamond 3
  • The game doesn’t reward/compensate you for staying in a match where people on your team have quit early
  • It’s too difficult to play aggressively due to the combination of aim assist + stopping power with the Lancer
  • (Personal issue) I sometimes can’t see the Terminator skin and feel like it blends in too well on some maps
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