Why Do You Hate Gears 5 Multiplayer?

Hey Shepard Gaming here and I’ve already done 2 videos on Gears 5 that I’ll link down below, and both have done well. I did one as a general review of Gears 5, then did another discussing everything wrong with this game’s monetization! I’ve seen my videos embedded here a couple of times and since my videos are seemingly some of the only videos that dare to critique the game I’ve gotten a lot of traffic recently on them.

My next video I’m doing is about Gears 5 versus mode and why it’s so hated by the majority of gears fans. So far it seems like the major issues are terrible versus roster, awful customization, bullet magnetism, bad matchmaking especially for EU players, OP lancers, map design, flashbangs, lots of quitters, severe imbalances in ranked, gnasher inconsistency (99% in one hit), and awful re-up rewards,

So my question to you guys is there more I need to add to this list? Also if you have any complaints about gears 5 versus please let me know what they are so I can add them for my Monday video and feel free to add any video clips of glitches, issues, and etc! I want to make this video as thorough as possible so to do that I need your help!

PS Sorry I can’t reply to your all’s comments, it will only allow me to reply to them :frowning:


You’re getting flagged cause you’re being a negative clod. Your last 2 posts have shown that.

I almost can’t find the will to tell you what’s wrong with this game because It’s all I’ve been talking about since the game released. I’m tired. I’m disappointed and I’m losing faith fast.

I’m exhausted and I really don’t feel like TC is listening to us, that’s my BIGGEST issue. This awkward Silence where TC won’t come forward and talk to us, It’s leaving me feeling pretty betrayed and empty inside here.

If I had to say in short, why I won’t go play Multilayer.

-Respawns are too fast for Respawn gamemodes.
-Maps are small. Way small. Smallest in Gears history.

I’m not saying this lightly, look into the differences. I’m able to kill the same guy, 3 to 4 times in 1 minute in Koth. There’s literally NO time to gather your senses as a team and set up anymore. It’s flashbang respawn hell.

Maps; again as I said they are the smallest in Gears history. Horrible flow, horrible designs.

All I can say is that the people creating the new Gears franchise don’t know who they are catering too. Probably because the old Gears development teams are gone.

It just, changed. I thought the whole point of Gears 4 into 5 was to make the game better, keep what’s there and build off it. Not change it completely and add things we didn’t ask for.

I got really excited because 4 was really well done, then; This. All this.

Thank you for your hard work into your videos. I appreciate it. You’re our voice.


Another thing that is really damaging my impression on TC is the ability they have to try and juice us off Microtransactions all while the game needs serious help and attention.

I could care less about the transactions just fix the game first.


What’s wrong with the game?

All other guns besides the gnasher dont fire marshmallows, despite my screams of anguish like a spoiled toddler to stop using rifles to kill me.

The gnasher spread got bigger and now I need more skill to get kills with it.

I cant superman dive or drive A for brainless kills like I could in past games

Because I can’t play it, due to the EU servers being down for like 2 weeks combined now.

Not to mention the shooting delays, aim assist and bullet magnetism


I’ll make sure to talk about map size as well as the developers mostly going silent, and of course Rob Liking that one tweet!

Happy to help voice the community’s complaints with Gears 5 as I’ve been a fan ever since 2006!

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The server crap is a big one. The fact it’s taken them two weeks to slightly talk about it on a dev stream only to say ‘we are working on it’ is a poor joke. Yet the stores fine and they constantly update that.

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Yeah I’ve got some screenshots of some crazy awful pins, including one that’s in the 4,000s…


I look forward to watching your 4 hour video on ‘What’s Wrong With Gears 5 Multiplayer’ OP!!!


Haha it won’t be 4 hours, probably around 10-20 minutes but we’ll see!

Nope. It’s the best feeling Gears ever IMO. Sure there are issues, but once they are ironed out it will be fine.

I wouldn’t say I hate, but I’m just so disappointed.

They either refuse to acknowledge or don’t believe the problems we as a player base report, are actually real.

Hit-detection, shot-trading, god damn dying through walls…I’d love it if they address this or simply say, our tech isn’t good enough and with the way the game is designed, this is how it has to be.



Matchmaking. Giving me dumb teammates while matching me against a stack.

Bullet magnatism.

Trash KOTH spawns.

Thinking about quitting. Trying out Execution to see if lack of aim assist and terrible spawns will make me change my mind.

I love how this gameplays

i understand that people complain and it hurts to have negative criticism, but its proof of the issues and its danced around. i think i saw this in your video, but i been saying its what 343 did to halo 4 and 5 halo 5 req and gears 5 are doing the same thing. making big changes and additions people didnt ask for trying to turn it into another game halo=destiny/overwatch . gears 5= fortnite/overwatch/COD. i have put up videos of issues as many others on here and its ignored, but they respond to something thats completely irrelevant. this game was made for casuals. not the fans who helped this game grow.

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The flashbangs. I can’t touch mp right now because it gives me such a headache.
The inverse omen, an unneeded change that obscures vision and is highly intrusive to the player.
Limited maps.
Limited character roster.

Horde: tieing classes to characters taking away player freedom of choice and causing quitting.
Small maps.
Fabricator limitations.
Their excuses of using lore for horde which is bs.

Thier general inability to take constructive crit and fix isssues.

Because it is a step down from what Gears of war truly is.
Setting aside the countless bugs, bad servers, microtransactions, when it comes to multiplayer, it simply is bad.

Toned up aim assist meant to help new unskilled players instead of having them learn the ropes, bullet magnetism + nerfed gnasher + nerfed movement to shut down good players already familiars with the mechanics just to appeal to a casual crowd that most likely will end up playing escape/horde or go to another game. Lack of maps, but most importantly, HORRIBLE map design.

Maps are way too open, forcing players into a lancer camping fest if you want to win, small, few pieces of cover that make it almost impossible to reach campers (seriously, a team with more than half a brain cell on bunker can just camp up there and lancer away as much as they want, the little cubes of cover on each side of the bunker do absolutely nothing as it doesnt cover your entire body) . If you’re a solo player and try to hide to force a gnasher battle, good luck since you will get lancered from behind along with being flashbanged and ultimately executed like a dog.

TC doesnt care about making a good Gears, they simply wanted some money and make a generic third person shooter. Every gnasher fight in this game feels like bullcrap, people who barely know how to aim hitting you from the other side of the wall when youre in cover, strafing and wall bouncing no longer work to dodge shots properly, it just feels like you need to pray your shotgun works “this time” instead of your opponents’.

The game isn’t fun, even when you get MVP and win or rank up, I get frustrated by all the BS that went on in the game to feel happy I won, not to mention I am forced to play like a COD player, camping in one spot with my lancer in long ■■■ games because any other playstyle got shut down by the mechanics and map design of the game.
Sure, buff the lancer to make sure it can counter players simply running down the map without a care in the world, but leave players the CHOICE of choosing a playstyle, not force it down their throats.


my first game today we won 5-2 execution on icebound I was 2nd place like 100-150 points from 1st and I lost 20 points lol I mean if u win u shouldn’t lose points that’s just obvi a no brainer lol ud think

Not gonna bother watching your videos because I’m well aware of the MANY issues plaguing this so-called Gears game.
Just wondering if you address the stupid gHalo characters. Judging simply by your gamertag, I can only assume you’d be more favourable toward the store if 4ssMaster Chief was for sale…
Sorry if I’m wrong, but I see a LOT of people discribing personal preferences as ‘Issues’.