Why do you give away power weapons?

Something I’m seeing a ton of. Let’s say 3 people go to longshot, 1 survives. But, he doesn’t pick it up. He either runs off or he waits for more enemies to come, which they subsequently do and then take longshot. If the teammate does take longshot, he might go right into the enemy base with it which completely defeats the purpose of a long-range weapon.

Or, we have map control but no one is crossing the players who are waltzing out there and picking up nades, boom, etc. I can cross, mark, and call it out but people who are looking right at these players often just won’t fire or won’t switch from their gnasher. I’m seeing onyx level players doing this.

I don’t know if Gears kids are all watching montagers and that’s the only way they know how to play now but I thought I’d ask in case there are sensible reasons why people are leaving power weapons for enemies to pickup.

Reasons I can think of from the top of my head:

  • K/D - they want to preserve their kill/death ratio because they know they’ll get slaughtered if they attempt to take the power weapon.

  • lack confidence - i suppose in terms of the longshot they are trying to make sure they are in a good distance to take a shot and may not be good at shooting long range?

  • carelessness - they simply couldnt care less if the team wins or lose, so they dont bother stopping the enemy from getting the power weapons or bother picking them up.

Maybe they wanted to camp or hide around power weapons and wait for an enemy to pick it up before getting a kill?
Or they could be using Longshot to make the enemy full red before finishing them off with Gnasher?
Losing those weapons to enemy or opponents may have been unintentional.

I usually only pick up power weapons that I can use to some decency. Ones I’m less likely to do well with, I help obtain but don’t mind if someone else picks up. If there’s no one around, I usually wait for a teammate and if that’s not the case, I’ll grab it and either attempt something with it or backpack until I can trade or something.

Maybe using more of the weapons I suck with might actually improve my skills… lol