Why do years of weapons tuning in gears to not build upon the work TC?

Didn’t the community receive lots of changes to the weapon tuning in gears 4 and overall at the end it was decent?

Why did they do all that testing and community feedback if they were just going to throw it all out the windows in Gears 5.

I’m struggling to understand the logic.

My only guess is that they want people to die easily, but that is no way to keep players because that’s more frustrating that getting downed in less than a second by a lancer.



I always liked Core and thought it was perfect apart from when they changed regen.

But TC did probably the worst thing and tried to mix Comp and Core.

I was always a fan of Split Tunings and felt that Ryan Cleven made a good call to give Escalation it’s own way to play since that was a different style and mode than the rest of Gears.

But it was an unpopular opinion and people demanded one tuning.


We got what we got and I don’t think it works well at all.

Is there less damage in ranked now?

They started with a base of Comp and adjusted slightly for Core.

So little more than Comp and less than Core.

But is that only in ranked, or is there one tuning for all modes now?#

But people are saying that the damage is just as high if not higher than gears 4 core, but they say its a mix of core and competitive. Are there any stats or charts we can see?

Same tuning for all modes.

That’s exactly what I wanted,

Rifles seem to be too strong though, is there a similar chart for that, What’s your opinion on them?

Rifles aren’t strong for damage, I don’t think,

They removed bloom from them so Lancer is like a lethal laser now - this is what makes them feel stronger.

I preferred Gears 4 Lancer with Bloom - more balance IMO.

How long have these balance changes historically taken, do you think we might see a patch quite soon?


Can be done Server Side I think, so doesn’t always need a patch.

I think there needs to be damage nerfing across the board, for pretty much every weapon. The game is very spammy right now where taking points is just nuking the point with flash bangs then trying to lancer/gnasher everyone out. On top of that you feel ‘worthless’ when you go out into open space and get crossed by lancers

This suffers the same issue core tuning suffered in gears 4 and made out play not realistic. On top of that didn’t they work on Comp tuning for over 2 years; why was it tossed? If it’s popularity of game modes it doesn’t make sense because those modes would’ve been just as popular if you popped them into competitive tuning.

The game on its base is ok - but there needs to be tuning. Hope they’re collecting data on all of this. Also spawns are not good in game modes like TDM/KOTH and enemies constantly spawn on top of you.

Stop complaining this game plays much better than gears 4. Get better

What? Nobody demanded overpowered weapons!
That Ryan dudes gots to go. His multiplayer changes he has made to the game are ALL trash. Don’t even get me started on the bogus physics of the Gnasher.
This tuning makes me want to go back to gears 4 core and I thought I’d never say that. That ■■■■ gave you a stomach ulcer dealing with.