Why Do Xboxer Not Complain? XBL Is A Joke

I love Gears 5 and play on Steam. Steam doesn’t give me BS. Hell … Discord is working as normal but Xbox Live … A premium paid service goes down so much nearly every week.

Bandwidth is not an excuse when other services work just fine for gamers.
Why do Xboxers stand for this?

I don’t get the issues you describe on Xbox live. I use the app on pc and it may have issues once in a while but, generally speaking, it’s a pretty good means of party chat.

Posted a today …

The main issue I have experienced is with social features like seeing recent players or not being able to connect to a party. Nothing major. I always seem to be offline when Xbox Live ever goes down.


I think you need to learn some ■■■■■■■ manners son and stop being such a ■■■■.

And just to make clear, my initial post is about your conduct and calling people liars just because their experience doesn’t correspond with your own. That’s a low move.


I don’t have the issues you’re describing, neither do the friends I play with regularly. We get people jumping in our chat all the time and the ones who have issues are those on wifi or bad internet.

Posting a notice of interruption means very little as eBay, banks, PayPal, etc all have online service interruptions on occasion and people can pretend they’re unreliable too.

I get it, you’re going into a rage because something interrupted your video game but trying to sell this idea that XBL is unusable is making you look silly because many of us use it and it’s fine for us. I actually use it instead of discord with I can because I like the interface better.


I dont run into a lot of problems with Xbox Live, once in the blue maybe

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Ditto. It’s a pain when it does happen but I wouldn’t call it a regular thing based on when I’m online. It may be due to the large number of people online at the same time due to having to stay at home and self isolate.

Honestly when there are problems its usually just social features. Nothing that really ever stops me from playing a game

Alright. Fair point. But I will point that it’s not me. It affects all my mates in different countries too.


Friends of mine have recieved msgs from their isp’s warning of connection problems during the quarantine period as spikes of data usage have literally never been so high.

I will add that my internet is very stable, fast and problem free most of the time BUT whenever I play over xbl with my mate literally 5min up the road we get almost every single problem the service has ever had almost everytime

His net is better than mine, it drives us mad lol.
We use discord now, an pc’s where pos, seems much more stable for chat

Respect for admitting you were jus raging an throwing abit of a tantrum cuz I can relate!! Xbl has always been a joke in my circle but I know it works fine for others.

To actually answer the question tho…

Complain to who?? Microsoft? Lol
Been there…get bounced around various call centres to ppl I jus can’t understand, constantly recommending wanting to run thru the idiot lists like is your eth lead plugged in?? Have you turned on the Xbox, is it connected to your tv lolol no thanks :rofl::rofl:


Fair enough. I’ll respect that. Also, I know the servers may be less reliable and/or overloaded in some countries so I’ll take your word for it that they’re having issues in some areas.

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I keep getting kicked out of games and lagging out, just played 2 horde frenzy’s and kicked out of both, and it says the same thing every time ‘you have been removed from the game. Lost connection to the game, please try again later’ yet I’m still on XBL and can access other services fine.