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Why do we need Tier

your right i have seen a bronze play just like a diamond so my intake on that is it dont matter about your tier if you think i am playing try and go up against me i run solo all the times i am a gold one and play like a diamond see i play the game for fun i dont need a team look me up i have over 150 videos i done ran with the best

I think if you’re here for validation, then you’re in the wrong place. We’re all horrible knobheads and we don’t take kindly to this kinda stuff.


Holy run-on sentence, Batman.

This also reminds me of a line I frequently use on all the single ladies at the end of a date - “I know it looks like it’s 4 inches, but I promise you, it’s actually 8 inches!”


I think I am a Diamond that plays like a Bronze. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


He basically just copy and pasted his own reply in a KoTH thread I started today. Not sure why this warranted its own thread but whatever.