Why do we do this to ourselves?

Doesn’t count for the daily so I’d say no.

They have always been released at 12:30am where I live, so in 10 minutes for me.

What is the definition of a heavy weapon according to TC?

Is it as simple as, “Any weapon which has to be wielded by both hands and cannot be stowed on your back.”?
I mean, that’s what I think.

Considering TC messed up the properties of some cards about whether a weapon is ‘Ballistic’ or not… I don’t know what is the truth anymore.

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For @Ektope too… Heavy weapon is basically what you stated - “can’t be stowed on your back + 2 hands”. You can also identify them if you run slow and if you don’t need to drop any weapons to pick them up. Mace is not a heavy weapon. Dropshot Scion is not considered to be holding a heavy weapon. (I haven’t Op5 tested though)

@HerrKatzchen - He mentioned the bleed because he’s doing score runs and if enemies bleed out its less points.

@SPARGELKOHL If Surge returns, Id recommend Keegan Mac Cole. Keegan can hold 8 flash for meatshields and if you’ve brought the salvos from act 1 he can kill the end scions. Plus he recharges macs ulti faster with marks. Mac is tanky for meatshields cuz he’s got double health in venom. Keegan does more salvo damage through mac’s shield (against end scions). Cole can just tackle then punch then meatshield.

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ai acts aggressive when people are down’d or less people are on the map.

I never suggested bleed though. My recommended setup would have been Ult Battery, Bait Armor and Heavy Deflect. There’s no bleeding there and Drones will only go DBNO with Clays Ult which actually helps with meatshields.


It was like 8am my time then and I was headed to bed, so pretty sure my brain just ■■■■ itself. Sorry about that lol

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