Why do we do this to ourselves?



Just to suffer


Because you’re bored, are madmen, the game still hasn’t caught back up with the entertainment factor and Surge times may not even be registered at this time?

Why don’t you come help me level my Nomad class so I don’t have to bother with randoms and fall asleep in the middle of day due to excessive boredom?

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We did manage to get #1, but we kept trying to improve it.

For 3 hours.


Just kept failing. Over. And over. And over. And over.

And over.

Which chars are you using?

Paduk, Keegan, Clay.

Only combo we’ve found that works the entire game.

There’s no longshot iirc Clay Ult Battery - Kaits Cloak - meatshield everything on the right side and proceed to the middle if you still got time.

Btw am I imagining things or did the daily hive get delayed by an hour?

It’s supposed to be up in 48 mins, unless you’re saying it’s been delayed further.

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Yeah, noticed that but so far they were released ~12 mins ago - 2pm where I live.

Yesterday’s was at 2pm for me, in less than an hour. And maybe day before.


We’ve been doing middle, the moving right side and cleaning those out.

Died constantly in second act, eventually gave up.

It’s a shame they changed Kaits Chain card. Kait could solo the entire second chapter with Cloak -minus the Scions ofc.

It really is honestly. Paduk does well, but there are just way too many enemies man. One mistake in this one and everything falls apart.

You could replace Keegan with Cole, but Cole isn’t that tanky anymore. Also, it feels like the AI is slightly more aggressive in Escape now.

Could do double Clay as well. Question is, if Ult Battery works for both chars. Would recharge Kaits Cloak even quicker. And Bait Armor + Heavy Deflect makes Clay invincible to the Scions

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I’m not sure how that could be possible when it adds up to 90% Heavy Resistance, but I’ll take your word for it. Does this work on Dropshot Scion which technically isn’t holding heavy weapon?

We don’t want to have too much bleed in the game. We’ve been prioritizing meatshields. Two Clay’s won’t work for that sadly.

Surge score runs are no joke

60% Bait Armor + 2*32% Heavy Resistance.

Dropshot don’t work iirc.

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Bleed? Wut?

Got it. I’ve wondered if Warden’s Breaker Mace counts as heavy weapon but not sure or tested.