Why do the ai bots just stand and watch the enemy and not revive player one

hey I had gears of war 3 for 6 years nd counting and just 2 years prior to this year whenever I play versus they would respond during the matches and attack and revive me rarely. Is this the same with gears of war 4?

Seems the opposite for me. The problem I’ve found is that they could have an enemy down and if you drop they will abandon the kill to go revive you. Their priority levels seem to be very strict with no common sense, circumstantial, adaptions.


No. I treated them with nothing but respect and love over the years and now they continuously prioritise and cover/revive me at every opportunity.

Bots have feelings too.

I don’t really play against bots much because I rarely play social, but when I do I am afraid of them,

Bots can be harmless to lure you in, then before you know it the bot has 360 no scope’d yololo420swag4jesus you with the embar, while loading his gnasher at the same time.

Bots are savage.

The AI on your team in social versus always seems to be horrible but it’s really bad in the campaign.

We had to restart so many times on Ironman because Marcus kept running out and getting killed in a few parts.