Why do some players' pings go above 100?

Saben cuál es el problema,?

I’m sorry my friend @TAG_GoDan this is a English Forum and as per Forum Rules all communications must be in English.

could you be kind enough to write in English your thread so we can understand :slight_smile:

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I’ve translated it…it says

“Help I’ve been kiďnapped and am being held hostage in my own home at gun point and they have smashed my translator, really hope someone gets this and doesn’t just hit me with an English only msg, you are my only hope Daniel”


hahahahahaa :smile:

in this case @Saber_Skywalker I really think he should call NYPD , New York Port Authorities , FBI or 911.

I don’t have any training in hostage situations, or dealing with burglar scenarios while being held on gun point. I wish I could help the mate here…

hahahahaha :smile:

He says they were busy doing virus sh*t so had to try another option

You may be wondering how he has said to me…

He’s appeared to me as a force ghost, so no need to worry bout doing anything to save him, he cool now, chillin with me for abit

Yeah man @Saber_Skywalker because what is strange to me its that his language its a mix of spanish and portuguese, somehow Im able to understand him, but he mixed both languages into one…

its quite possible he is creating a new languague and he is trying to show us off his linguistic skills somwhow. hahahahaha :smile:


he says servers are not working correctly and ping is high

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hi man :slight_smile:

correct,that’s pretty much his message.

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My doubt is related to the servers, why some players are pinged at 30, 17, or even 60, but others go above 100

I thought you were the Kidnapper Whisperer or something? Do something!

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jajajajaja I can’t @Bleeding_Pepper I really don’t have any experience as a Police Officer. hahahahaha :smile:

Doesn’t matter. You’re the Kidnapper Whisperer! It’s a born talent!

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But but but surely you will at least try, this fan’s life is at stake for crying out loud man, dooooo something, ahhh, won’t somebody think of the children :sob::sob::sob:

The higher the ping mean you are playing on a further server than your “home” server

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The problem is not the zone, if not, the servers because if I go to matchmaking all the seriviers I have them above 100 i have even already exceeded 150

Go to options - multiplayer and post a screen shot of what your connections to each server are.

If your connecting to your “home” server and your ping is still high it could be your connection

Also edit your title and original post to english so the thread doesnt get locked

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A server can only do efficient match making location wise if there are enough people wanting to play within a close enough distance to each other. Like it or not, how one player’s ping and location compares to another affects what others experience. It’s always been that way regarding mp gaming.

Generally the best case scenario is when everyone in the match is within one region, preferably within the same country. That’s not a problem in places like the US or So Korea because they both have many servers and many players. In other parts of the world, it, or even the quality and maintenance of the servers, CAN be a problem.

That said, your ping route from your PC to the terminal you’re connected to at your ISP also matters. Try using Ping Plotter to see what your home to ISP ping route looks like. Type in the fastest URL in your area for best results. Don’t use heavily used URLs like Google. Use something in your area like a local public library or news station.

Ping Plotter https://www.pingplotter.com/download

Note that if you happen to be unlucky and have a horrible home to ISP ping route, it cannot be changed. Your only hope in that situation is to try another ISP if you can and hope it’s better.

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