Why do so many people quit in the middle of Horde?

I think it is just ridiculous that so many people are just quitting in the middle of the match. It has gotten to the point that it happens every match. WHY?


Probably because it’s too long.


Usually Engineers getting the hump

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At least people can join back any time
In 3 if 2 people quit you were screwed for the rest of the match

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From my experience two main reasons come to mind:

  1. Someone in the match is doing something idiotic, and some people feel it not worth staying in that match, opting to find another match instead.
  2. PvP noobs joined a horde match to get daily objectives done, and quitting out when finished.

I’ve had such a case yesterday where the Jack host out of all people was insisting on kicking people, even good players, if they didn’t “deposit” when it was no longer necessary and the engineer kept saying that it was no longer necessary so after wave 25 I told my friend playing engi I’d be outta there after wave 25 cause he kept throwing people out for no reason but mysteriously never had an issue with me using perks. Needless to say, he agreed and left with me.

We probably wouldn’t have succeeded either way because of the incessant unreasonable kicking, so I wouldn’t have wanted to waste further time on a doomed cause.


When I play I finish it. Out of respect.

But if it’s not frenzy that sucker is super long!

couple of reasons:

  1. If a friend invites me to play with him then I leave the horde run with randoms of course I really prefer to play with friends.
  2. if the horde game its boring then I also quit the game… its not fun playing a boring horde match.
  3. If my wife calls me or wants me to be with her then I have to quit also. Woman is more important than any game.



TOD / Medals.
They are casual players.
They are playing a casual game and join a real game with their friends.

Pick one.

Because it’s boring as ■■■■

I tried out JD in 1-50 Exhibit because everyone had chosen a character and I seemed to have joined last. The host wanted JD so I picked that, instead of doing Fahz that I wanted,

It went well, no major problems, team was friendly. Then around Wave 21, I decided to leave and let ‘em know that it was boring. He was still as strong as before bleed nerf. Still one shots stuff.

Sometimes, I know a match is gonna fail and I’d rather save time and leave already.

Sometimes, real life stuff is more important. And it’s good to take breaks.

Well when I see it it seems they want to play something else, I check usually to see because when they quit in 4 it makes us have to wait a looong time on waves. Then I see they quit and they play another game like the Fortnite or GTA >_> Like Ive seen it so many times I think people just want to play it for a bit then play something else I guess it is difficult for people to stay interested in it. I am guessing tho unless we ask everyone lol but it happens in 3 and 4 a lot too :frowning:

Because when the fun stops, stop!


hahahahahaa that was hilarous man ahahahahahaa :stuck_out_tongue:

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Married with kids man. I know how it is when duty calls!

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In one occasion I joined an ongoing match as Kait, and the host was pausing it frequently and kicking out all who was doing perks, although we reached a point where the fabricator had over 100K of power, so I asked to give me the green light for perking up but never responded, I packed my things and left after a friend of mine showed up…

Also, some people tend to abuse the fortification’s part although there is an Engineer in house, so sometimes don’t jump into a loosing cause and find another FightClub

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Yes, that is so anoying, and because I feel like this Horde ia much harder than Gears 2 or 3, when they all leave and I can’t pass the wave I’m in, I just give up and leave, that’s annoying because I hardly ever get to the end

I never join a game where there is a lobby title which includes deposit or engineer build elements. I prefer games without engineers…


LOL. Then why even start playing a horde match if you think it is boring?
INB4 “I didn’t say that I meant other people quit because it is boring”
Why do those people join if they think the mode is boring?

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