Why do Ring Captures get maxed out sooner than Eliminations in KotH?

I feel like this just encourages people to go after kills after maxing out Captures. Why go after an objective that doesn’t give you any more points? It’s the opposite of what KotH should be. If anything the Eliminations should max out sooner than Captures.


In my experience, people haven’t stopped going for captures on KOTH games and I think a big reason for that is because you are encouraged to actually win in order to rank up.

With that being said, I prefer the old ranked system.


Honestly… objectives shouldnt have a limit…, . The problem started when they lowered the cap points in the last operation, but at least not having a limit encouraged you to keep going for the ring., and well it just got worse with the new ranked system, once you max your ring points ( which is extremely low and easy) you canjust camp and call it a day

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For real!!!

They should increase the in game go to 1500 & add additional points for breaks/caps, more so caps.

Still keep wins at 1,500 if they must.