Why Do Players Consistently Push With the Man Up in TDM?

(aMz Leg Hair) #1

I see this all the time in my games, my team has the man up as a round nears its end (up 2 to 1) and players always seem to be persistent on pushing when we have the advantage.

Why do players do this? Do they not know the rules?

(GB6 Kazuya) #2

It’s simple. Overconfidence. The advantage goes to most people’s head and in some cases they even compete with their own teammate to get the kill first.

(aMz Leg Hair) #3

I guess that could be it. All I do is camp so my strategy remains the same in that spot.

Even if you rush the person and win the battle 80% of the time that’s still awful, for the 20% of the time you lose and even up the odds.

(Vanden255) #4

Because camping is boring.

(aMz Leg Hair) #5

Camping is my everything

(Relax Mxte) #6

Yeah even if I was a man up I’d push. It’s not that serious that you need to just sit there not moving.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #7

Sometimes, I just want the W, especially if someone on the other team is acting like trash so I’ll camp and do whatever it takes to win.

Most of the time though, I try to treat this like a video game and have fun.

(API) #8

One or more of the following

  1. they don’t care much about winning
  2. they don’t realize that the team with more respawns will win when the time runs out (very common)
  3. they are impatient and just want it over with (similar to #1)
  4. they don’t understand how core tuning works
  5. they aren’t paying attention

Completely agree though. I hate seeing my teammates turn a 12-7 advantage into 8-7 just like that. Yeah, I understand it’s just a game and you want to have fun, but you may as well take the win and camp. Let the other team force the fights and take the L.

(NUBinbound) #9

my favorite moments is when the last 2 are looking for the last enemy and then you see in the feed that they just picked up dropshot or boom and you just sit there like “why did neither of you think to guard the power weapon”