Why Do People Whinge About the Lancer in Gears 5?

I have no idea why people complain about the lancer being OP. The Lancer is a quality machine rifle. In real life, if you got hit with machine-gun fire you are going down with just 1-2 bullets.

The lancer was a neglected weapon in many of the gears game prior and it’s actually good that it has a lot more stopping power. Because it should.

If you are running out into the open and not expect to get mowed down with lancer fire then you’re delusional. The stopping power with all the weapons is on point and more close to the reality of what those weapons would do in the real world.

It still takes 10-15 bullets for the person to go down depending if they have active and how good your accuracy is. The lancer is your best defense and attack from distance and it should mow people down fast otherwise it’s pointless having it.

In my opinion out of all the things, they got wrong with Gears 5 and the problems they are having with tier system and pings at least they got this right.

Update Regarding The Real-Life Comparison For The Complainers :wink:

FYI I never said this should be real life. I just said a machine can take you out in 1-2 bullets in the real world, In this game, it’s 10-15 rapid-fire bullets which for a game it’s reasonable, right? And it should have good stopping power otherwise it’s just a useless weapon. We all know games are for fun but it’s good to have some realism as well to improve your skills. If it takes 100 bullets to die what’s the point?

It’s clear TC is trying to find a balance that caters to casuals and vets when it comes to engaging in battle which evens it out for both sides and provides equal opportunity and increasing stopping power of a lancer does just that. All the weapons in the game serve a purpose otherwise just go play gnashers only if you wanna wall bounce and boost your ego.


The same reason people for example whine about Nightmare in Soulcalibur 6. They are scrubs who only ever learned one strategy of play, as soon as that strategy is challenged they buckle. In this game, that strategy is blind rushdown with gnasher.


They moan about every other weapon until they nerf it because Gears has always been dominated by one trick pony wall bouncing gnasher players in pvp. They get into the mentality that it’s all it should be hence why they have made gnasher only mode to try and filter off some of the baby fanatics.


Its really difficult to explain this to people in the simplest form.

Intentionally or not the weapons ended up fitting a role and people became accustomed to that, gears of war 3 somewhat changed that, judgment kept that course, 4 dialled it back a bit and 5 followed up from 3.

If movement was quicker in current gears 5 the majority of “whingers” would be happy.

If movement was kept as it is and damage across the board was reduced “whingers” would be happy.

Also wallbouncing is not hard and only effective at close range, its also become a part of what makes gears gears. Kill wallbouncing and prioritise rifles kills gears of war’s MP.


This isn’t real life. Why are you comparing to reality? It’s set on a different planet and you are playing a video game…none of those points or arguments are even relevant or valid. This isn’t a shooting simulator and doesn’t claim to be.


Following the real life example, would you also prefer headshots being insta, one or two shots being all you needed to down someone?

Simply put, the rifles being overpowered limits movement and that drastically changes the nature of Gears’ gameplay.

Gears is up close and personal. CQC. Rifles limit that and as much as ppl may not want to hear, rifle play is definetly more dry than the Gnashers.


This reminds me of dead by daylight. All survivors do is loop the killer around pallets, waste as much time as possible while their friends fix the generators to get out. That doesn’t work if the killer is the Nurse cause she can blink through walls and obstacles. You can loop a jungle gym all you want, she will go through it.

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This is what I wanted to see. I despise the “in real life” argument.

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In real life, shotguns have a MUCH farther range than in game. Not nearly as much as a rifle but you couldn’t play this game with a real shotgun. The maps are so small by comparison you would only need a shotgun.


lmfao battlefield 4 type of gnasher

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Stopped reading at “real life”. Lmao


We should have color blast people in real life that would be neat :expressionless:

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Everyone runs faster with a knife in RL.

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I agree … love the lancer :heart_eyes:

people whine about the lancer being OP because IT IS compared to other gears. if you’ve been playing a game where for over 10 years the gnasher was the go to weapon. the lancer was a peashooter. now all of a sudden the lancer is not a peashooter. it’s forcing people to play the game differently and adapt. so the hardcore fans are asking why is there a change all of a sudden? they feel like TC is changing the game to be more noob friendly and ultimately changing a game they have loved for over 10 years. people tend to hate change.


Wow! Haven’t seen you since the early days of gears 4! My gt used to be gh0ul.

Do you remember me? I’ll have to add you to my new profile. Do you play 5?

Gears multiplayer is known for its close range shotgun battles, using the cover to your advantage, ie either sliding into cover or wall bouncing off it in order to evade the enemy and get your shot away. That’s the skill of the game. I don’t know what real life has to do with a game that involves human resistance fighting monsters?

I think the lancer does need tuning down a little bit. It should be there to do long to medium range damage and a way to cross for team mates, It’s annoying for experienced gears players to keep getting mowed down by walking hard aimers that just stroll round the map picking up cheap kills with the lancer.


Because the average dude’s war-journal looked like this in Gears 4.

Had a guy on reddit call my war-journal estimates of 70% Gnash “rookie numbers” and then proceeded to respond with this image… I think these stats are pathetic and highlight why many people hate gears, and how sad a game’s meta is when these types of statistics are possible.

These types are now upset other things are relevant because their brain-dead rush can now be countered by the average person.


I think most peoples war journal would still look the same or very similar in gears 5, why is it sad or pathetic to have a high percentage of kills with the most effective weapon in the game?

If players need to adapt to the strength of the lancer then sure I’ll adapt, as long as it’s the same for everyone then it’s a level playing field. It’s just for me it’s frustrating that a game that rewarded people for using skill and cover can be countered by walking and holding RT. In my opinion I think it should be like execution in all game modes where you can down enemies with the lancer but either need to gnasher/execute them to get the kill. Just my opinion.

I think your statements contradict IMO. According to these stats, only 10% of “Most people’s” kills are going to be Lancer. If you die to something 1/10 times, that’s hardly a reason to complain… For the record, I very much disagree with your statement though. I think Lance plays a way larger role in this title vs the last. Yes, I know top-end players with teams cross, bla bla bla. I’m talking the average guy gets more kills with a Lance now compared to Gears 4.

Maybe I worded that poorly. It’s not pathetic players use what’s most effective. Rather, it’s pathetic from a game standpoint that this is what the meta looks like. If I were a game-dev and saw my multi-player was 80% one weapon, I’d immediately go back to the drawing-board and alter things. A good game doesn’t look like this. One weapon and one play-style shouldn’t clearly run over everything else.