Why do people vote Blood Drive on KOTH?

But made it through winning?
All part of the struggle.

Ektope, “winning”?? Sure. But, winning means little to me when the experience is unpleasant.
I think that’s where I diverge with the remaining Gears community that’s still playing. I play to have fun and challenge myself but everyone seems to be playing to win, no matter how ugly and tedious it is to get that W. There’s little joy in the community anymore. Feels like the only people I can play with anymore are montagers because they don’t mind going out there and having fun. They’re not going to run the experience just so they can say they “won”.
If it’s not fun, then it’s not truly “winning”, IMO.

That is the problem with it, and gamers.

Said it before if I could make a nice map it would be the Spawn Room and the Stairs out side. You’d love it. Great map. Most interesting and complex ever!

Mate, it’s the thrill of hiding behind a piece of wood and shooting over it! The excitement is off the scale!!!

OK here I go again being ‘toxic’ but you say that because you likely have real achievements. For a lot of gamers hiding behind a piece of wood to win - that’s an achievement. And when they t-bag you know it’s an extra special achievement for them.

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I am bored with it, that’s all. Don’t mind it in koth at all, can’t do camping … and crossing? Sure, but if everyone crosses no one is capping… So we get a balance of both.

Nostalgia, regardless of the game type.

“BD” is a classic & always will be a classic … Maybe your play-style of gaming doesnt match with that map … & maybe you play better on ohter maps… personally i love “blood Drive” very great map to play on

After playing Blood Drive 4 times in a few matches - even a classic can grate on you :+1:

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